1. Life as a Lord

I enjoy what my people do for me!

2. Lord

A noble who owned land.


A noble who has fought on behalf in his lord in return for land

3. Serfs

A peasant who lived and worked on land of a lord or vassal

4. What it was like as a Lord

The lord directed the training of squires. They spent seven years learning the practices of chivalry and, above all, of warfare. At the age of 21, if worthy, they received the accolade of knighthood.

The nobles enjoyed hunting, games, and tournaments. Even the ladies and their pages rode afield to loose falcons at game birds (see falconry). Indoors, in front of the great open fire, there were chess, checkers, and backgammon. A troubadour would often chant and sing of the storied deeds of Charlemagne, Roland, or Arthur and his Round Table.


5. What were the kings goals in the city/state?
5. Did he like his plan?

The king always had a plan before and after warfare. He liked his plans because most of the time they worked. If their plan did not work, they would replan the situation.

7. My comments

I think that being a lord is kinda hard and kinda easy because the easy thing was collecting money and making game plans. The hard part was probably leading the people and trying to help in warfare.

8. Briann Atchison 5th period