Internet Safty

John R. and Mackenzie B.

Teens online



Do not get on to games without a parent’s permission, if there is a cyber bully, tell a trusted adult and don’t respond. Many kids get bullied a year and don’t try to stop it. They might try to fight back but don’t. Once in a while try to turn the game off and go out side stretch and get some fresh air. Every once and awhile it’s good to go outside and play with friends instead of playing with them online. Do not use real names in a username or in passwords.

Also don’t use any personal things like where you live, where you go to school, or where your parents work!!! Do not lie about your age because it could end up causing big problems. I know that playing video games can be awesome trust me I know but you can’t let it take over your life. Don’t buy things like an extended membership. You may be ending up spending a lot of money. Ask for your parents’ permission before buying anything online. You may spend up to thousands of dollars many memberships can be expensive.

Never bully online it may hurt kids’ feelings. You may end up in a bad possession later on in life. Never accept an invite from someone to meet them some where. If you decide to take a trusted adult with you.

Then if they do try to hurt you then you have an adult with you.

Always turn the game off or block the bully if they are hurting your feelings. Or find another website that has the same game. Many kids bully and if you are one of them then stop it may cause kids to hate their life by causing suicide. Many kids play games because they

Don’t have any friends so try to be nice. Introduce them to new people if it’s ok with a guardian.