unlikley winners- Digital news letter

2005 Chicago White Sox

Before the 2005 season nobody believed that the Chicago white Sox had a chance of even making the playoffs, still nobody believed when they made it to the world series, nobody believed until the end of game 4 after the underdog Chicago White Sox swept the Houston Astros. Before 2005 the White Sox had not won a series title in 88 years. The Astros were trying to become the 4th consecutive wild card team to win the series and were also trying to win their very first world title. This was the last time these 2 teams could face in the world series because of the Astros moving to the american league in 2006, After this battle of 2 eager teams the white sox outscored the astros 20 to 14.
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St Louis Cardinals complete impossible dream

2011 St Louis Cardinals

How The St. Louis

1.finished regular series with 90-72 record, on September 28th 2011

2.earned national league wild card spot, on September 28th 2011

3. won divisional series against the Philadelphia Phillies, on October 7th 2011

4. won the national league championship over the Milwaukee brewers, on October 16th 2011

5. won the 2011 world series over the Texas rangers in game 7, 6-2, on October 28th 2011

6.completed the impossible dream, on October 28th 2011.

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Drew Brees and the saints

After a season ending injury with the chargers, Drew Brees had been replaced by rookie Phillip Rivers. at the same time the New Orleans saints were coming off of a 3-13 season, and the city was also recovering from hurricane Katrina. Both Brees and the Saints' problems were solved when the Saints signed Drew Brees in 2006. just one year after signing Brees the Saints made the playoffs at 10-6, and 2 years after that they won super bowl 44. The city of New Orleans had never been happier.
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Russel Wilson

Russell Wilson was drafted by Seattle Seahawks in round 3 of the 2012 draft, standing at 5'11 Russell didn't look like much of a quarterback at all, no one knew that this one draft pick would be the cause of a dynasty. the Seahawks first started Russell in game 3, after that opportunity Wilson took Seattle to the playoffs 3 straight years and to the Superbowl twice, most important winning it once. since than Wilson has done many things other than football such as spring training with the Texas rangers and won "2012 Pepsi rookie of the year".
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2003 Miami Marlins

The winner of the 2003 World Series were the underdog Miami Marlins. The Marlins were the unerdogs because they ended the season 10 games behind the division leader and squeaked into the playoffs at 91-71, and earned the National League wild card spot, at the start of the division series th San Francisco Giants took a comanding lead 3-1 but the Marlins prevailed 4-3 after game 7. The then moved on to the National League Championship to face the highly favored Chicago Cubs and once again fell behind 3-1 and once again won the series 4-3, The Marlins then went into the world series as the underdogs, but suprised everyone by winning the series in 6 games 4-2 beating the new york yankees becoming 2 time world series champs.
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