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2/7/20 Vol. VIII

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Principal's Message: Ask your student... how are you using Flex?

By Brandon Bakke, Principal

A few months ago, Orting Public School District published a graphic (pictured above) celebrating their outstanding graduation rate. They were rightfully very excited about their strong outcome, but my competitive juices got flowing right away because left off their list of schools in the area was Fife and our 94.1% graduation rate for the class of 2019. I even did a map search on-line and we are the exact same distance from Orting as Enumclaw! I'm sure it was a simple oversight, but the reality is, it is hard to find anyone in our area who had a higher graduation rate than Fife High School.

I met with all our students last week and showed them this graphic pictured above. We clapped with pride, but I reminded them that they had nothing to do with this accomplishment (after all this was data from the class of 2019). My message to them was this: "I really am not concerned about our neighboring schools graduation rate. I'm concerned with ours… I’m concerned about you." The 94.1%, as high as it is, still means 5.9% of our seniors fell short. I told our students, "I don't want that to be you!"

Why is our graduation rate so high?

Fife students come to school. We also boast one of the best daily attendance averages in the state, and that certainly is a major factor in our graduation rate. However, since 2015 the FHS graduation rate has risen dramatically from 78% to 94.1%. This is a remarkable statistic, and I think there are a few reasons why this has happened, most significantly is that the improvement trend correlates to when Columbia and then Fife High brought on the concept of Flex.

What is Flex?

Flex is a daily block of time that is available for students to do homework, to study, and to get extra help from teachers. Some students who have a grade that is below passing will be assigned to a place for Flex. Students who are passing their classes earn the opportunity to choose where they go. Having a portion of the day built into the schedule to allow students to get support has proven to be a huge benefit to our students. Having time built into the school day helps students with after school activities and jobs to have a more balanced and healthy life... if they use their time wisely.

Ask your student, how are you using Flex?

In my opinion, one of the greatest actions a student can take to see immediate improvement in school is making the most of this Flex time. Students at Fife are treated like young adults capable of making good choices for themselves about how they are using their Flex time. The truth is, however, some are not making the wise choice but are choosing to spend all their time socializing rather than accessing help or taking the gift of time to crank out some homework or studying. So families, after you ask your student how their day was, I encourage you to make your second question, "What did you do for Flex today?"

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Hoopin for Heroes

The annual staff versus emergency responders basketball game was a great success. The evening raised close to $10,000 with proceeds going to Special Olympics. A huge thank you to all our community partners who help put this on and who support financially. This would not happen without Fife High School Career Counselor Christiann Thomas and Fife Police Officer Patrick Gilbert (pictured), thank you!

Fife Earns Honor for Accessing Financial Aid

Did you know Fife High School is one of the top schools in the area for getting students connected to financial aid for college through FAFSA? Recently Fife has been selected by the Puget Sound College and Career Network (PSCCN) to be a Financial Aid Demonstration District. Other schools will work with us to identify our successful strategies to help them implement new efforts toward reducing the opportunity gap and work to achieve a 10% goal increase in financial aid completion rates. Seniors, if you have not done your FAFSA... great time to do it! Get 'Em Trojans!

Juniors and Seniors: Take the ACT during the School day for a reduced price! Sign Up Deadline 2/12!!

Link to Sign Up form:

The Fife Character Dare

Each month we participate in a few Character Dares with our students and staff... by why limit it there? Families join us and take on the dare!
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Parking Lottery Deadline February 12!

This year we will be able to create some additional spots for the remainder of the school year. In an effort to provide students with equal opportunity to get a parking spots, we will be implementing a raffle drawing for anyone who submits their request for a spot. Please see Mrs. Nixon to submit your name. Eligible students must have a drivers licence or have obtained a drivers licence by April.

  • Deadline to get in on the raffle is February 11th by 2:30PM.
  • The Raffle will take place on February 12th
  • Winning students will be able to begin parking on Tuesday February 18th.

Construction Update

We continue to have our siding replaced on our buildings, contractors have completed the gym and cafeteria building and now transitioning to the main office and 500 building, which they will be working on until mid-March. When that concludes they will move on to the 400 building.

Spring Athletics Information

Athletic Registration for the Spring Sports is now open on FamilyID for Girls Tennis, Baseball, Fastpitch, Track and Boys Soccer. Remember that PARENT EMAILS must be the registration account email on FamilyID. Personal student emails and fifeschools student emails will not be accepted on registrations.

Registration on FamilyID is currently open, please register with a PARENT/GUARDIAN email address, not a student issued or personal student email.

How does a student become eligible for athletics?

To be eligible to participate and cleared on FamilyID, athletes must have a paid ASB, cleared of fines/fees, have a current physical and be registered by February 28th. Failure to register by that date will put the athlete at risk for not being able to tryout the first day of practice on March 2nd. Students that wait for the weekend before the first practice risk not being able to tryout on that first day! Baseball, Fastpitch and Soccer are cut sports and you do not want to miss any days that first week!

Registration will be closed at 3pm on the 28th and not opened again until March 3rd.

Spring Athletics Parent Meeting

There will be an All-Sports Parent Meeting for all student-athletes that are playing Spring Sports on February 25th. It is expected that all potential spring athletes and their parents/guardians attend this meeting in order to be prepared for the season.

This Week at Fife!

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Coming Events!

No School Reminder-- Mid Winter Break

Although we DO have school this week 2/13 (snow makeup), we do NOT have school 2/14 and 2/17 for Mid-Winter Break. Enjoy!
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Parents & Community, join us at the Booster Auction 2020!

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Look Ahead Overview:

NOTE: Home Varsity Athletic Events Listed

2/10 - Monday - Schedule A

2/11 - Tuesday Schedule B

  • Family

  • Unified Sports Pack the Stands 6pm

2/12 - Wednesday-Schedule B

  • Family

  • FBLA Job Shadow field trip

2/13 - Thursday-Schedule B

  • Snow Make up Day

  • Choice Flex

  • TDM to Hollywood

  • B Basketball @ PA 7pm

2/14 - Friday-Schedule B

  • No School

  • WCD B Swim @ Hazen 5pm

2/17 - Monday - Schedule A

  • No School

2/18 - Tuesday - Schedule B

  • Family

2/19 - Wednesday - Schedule B

  • Choice Flex

2/20 - Thursday - Schedule B

  • Choice Flex
  • Josten's Class Ring/Jacket Sizing @ lunches
  • FBLA Job Shadow field trip

2/21 - Friday - Schedule B

  • Choice Flex

Good To Know Info

January Principal's Community Message: What Inspired Dr. King

This week we are celebrating the life and influence of Martin Luther King jr. During our recent winter vacation I had the chance to visit the National Historical Reconstruction Era National Park and Museum in South Carolina. This is the site of one of the first schools in the United States for freed slaves following the Civil War. On my tour of the grounds I came across the house pictured. Dr. King stayed in this home, and this reportedly is where he wrote much of the I Have a Dream Speech. He was inspired by the very sites that I stood looking at, and I was emotionally moved from the realization that from such a humble and unassuming place came words that changed America and positively impacted so many people's lives. It was surreal walking the park taking it all in, and I had a moment of pride being an educator. When the Civil War ended teachers from all around the country converged on this school to do their part to begin the formal education of African Americans in the South. These teachers were heroes, and I am convinced Dr. King came to this site to gain inspiration from this legacy as he crafted some of the most important words ever spoken. Lets all be reminded, yet again, that education is life changing and is truly a gift that we can't take for granted.

Brandon Bakke


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