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Team News March 2016

Hello Everyone & Happy Spring!!

I am so excited for the coming months, as long as this CRAZY weather subsides soon! LOL. I am ready for some warm weather, bare feet, and light sweatshirts outside, what about yall?

Spring is an amazing time, for ourselves, for our families, and our businesses. It signifies new beginnings, regrowth, and the birth of new things. What new dreams do you have for your family? What new goals do you strive to reach?

I get so excited because the possibilities in my life are endless, and as the plants start budding and the weather gets warmer (and my mood), I feel unstoppable!

So many of you are working towards big goals, I can see the end in sight for many of you! Each of you should be proud of how far you have come, and just imagine how far you can go!!

My favorite quote from conference last year was "become someone worth becoming," and I feel like I have come so far from last July already.

Take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments! And be proud, because YOU ROCK!

Company News

K Group Earning Periods Start 4/1-6/30

K groups are exclusive home office run groups for consultants who meet certain criteria. They celebrate the top 10% of the company by bringing everyone together to offer tips and share ideas to make your business even MORE successful.

If a K group is on your goal this season, go ahead and make a plan to earn your seat in the group!

1/2k1- Combined 3 month volume of $1.500

1k2- Combined 3 month volume of $3.000

2k4- Combined 3 month volume of $6,000

4k8- Combined 3 month volume of $12,000

10 Ways to get Bookings!

1. Send a catalog to a co-worker that has moved.

2. Send a catalog to your Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Etc. Reps or Exchange Shows.

3. Post a catalog in the teachers lounge at your child's school.

4. Post a catalog in the employee lunch room.

5. Hold an Open House

6. Have a booth at a school fair

7. Advertise in your Alumni newsletter and or local newspaper

8. Give a Catalog to the receptionist at your doctor's or dentist's office

9. Include a wrap or flyer with your bill payments.

10. Call past hostesses

For more ideas, visit:

Congrats on your Promotion! Kristen Wadecki!

Joined 2013

Promoted to Senior Consultant 2016

Her Why: Her son Johnny, "I do everything for him, this will get Disney paid for so he can have a good vacation."

Her Goals: To earn $500/month by the end of summer

Her #1 Tip to Promote: "Teaching your new consultants how to hostess coach, and showing them how to put in their parties"

Team Stats

15 Parties, 3 New Team Mates, $10,092.50

Top in Sales (PV):

-Cherish Sheehan $1.292.50

-Kristen Wadecki $1,218.50

-Latrice Allen-Frasier $1,051

-Jaclyn Labonne $1002.50

-Samantha Clark $986.50

-Nicole Aldrich $650

-Grace Kriss $409.50

-Sam Barrett $391.50

-Jamie Macek $351

-Nicole Buckley $260.50

Honorable Mentions (those who still made a sale!)

-Jen Peterson

-Lesley Jones

Top Party Peeps:

Cherish Sheehan & Samantha Clark- 2

Sam Barrett, Nicole Adrich, Latrice Allen, Kristen Wadecki, Jaclyn Labonne, Nicole Buckley, Grace Kriss- 1

$1000+ Party Peeps:

-Kristen Wadecki $1200+

-Jaclyn Labonne $1000+

Top Dream builders (Recruits):

Kristen Wadecki 1

Grace Kriss 1

Top Party Average:

-Kristen Wadecki $1218.50

-Latrice Allen $1051

-Jaclyn Labonne $1002.50

Startswell Earners:

-Nicole Aldrich lvl 1

-Latrice Allen lvl 2

-Jaclyn Labonne lvl 1

-Xavier Day lvl 2

Who Sold their First $1k:

-Jamie Macek

-Sam Clark

-Latrice Allen

-Sam Barrett

-Jaclyn Labonne

New Consultants:

Welcome Amanda Larochelle!

Welcome Jacqueline Kenyon!


Congrats to Kristen Wadecki, the teams newest Senior Consultant!


Since our last Better Together meeting (ya know, the one we focused on hostess coaching).. our team stats have increased DRAMATICALLY!

Party Sales have gone up $100 per party, and guest # has gone up 1.5 people per party! Your guests are spending on average per person per party a whopping $76!

And you are taking home, on average $148 per party in commissions! WOOHOO!

How many parties will it take to reach your paycheck goals?

Dont Forget National Conference is in July! Dont miss the party of the year!

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Consultant Corner

Nicole Aldrich

Joined 2016

Her Why: "I decided to start selling 31 because of my growing family. I wanted to find a way to earn more money without having to commit to another job and loose what little time I have already with my daughter.. And with being pregnant it's hard to work a second job. 31 has enabled me to work at my own pace and not have to stress about an added work schedule! "

Her Favorite Product: "My favorite product by far is my all about the Benjamin's wallet. I have never been able to fit all my cards and everything I needed to in one wallet and I can with this one! Not to mention I love the cork and get sooooo many complements on it!"

Her Tip To Success: "What has made me successful at earning my startswell kit I think was my excitement at earning something for free and being able to share how excited I was about the products with people who were actually interested and wanted to learn more about them! I loved being able to encourage my first hostess to keep selling for her party because of all the awesome rewards she was earning!"

Thank YOU all for YOUR help!

Did you know that leaders can't earn their free trip to the Dominican Republic alone?

Thank you so much for all of your hard work these past 6 months! Your dedication and passion for helping others, and making a difference in your business, has also made a difference in mine! (And I know Cherish is super grateful too- She's also a trip earner, lets WOOHOO her!!!)

I would not be able to thank Alan for being such an amazing hardworking father without all of your help. Because of the work that we have all collectively done since September- I am able to take him for FREE (everything paid for, even the spa!) to the Hard Rock in the Dominican Republic. We will get a week away being spoiled and pampered, and dont forget the free gifts!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, now is the time to start planning how you are going to earn it for yourself next fall! Contact me with details on how :)

Director Corner

Kelsey Egan

Joined 2011

Senior Consultant 2013

Director 2014

March Stats: PV: $2,328 Parties: 4 New Team Mates: 1

Including a $1500+ party

#1 Biz Tip: Write your Goals in your Calendar each month, then break them down in to small steps as to how you are going to earn them