News from Room 4

February 16, 2018

What we will be learning/doing after the break:

* Language Arts: Unit 4 Week 3- Helping the Community

-Vocabulary: agree, argue, accomplish, attempt, goal

- Grammar: Go and Go, Capitalization of Proper Nouns

- Phonics: words with Long 0

Spelling Words: low, boat, no, row coat, go; better, buy, change, move

- Skill: Retell

Important Notes:

Valentine's Party

Thank you to all my wonderful volunteers, we had a great time. I also really appreciate the Valentine's that came in. You were very creative and everyone LOVED the reading the little notes.

Friday Folders

Please remember to send in the Friday folders. If you don't have one or it's been ruined let me know. I do have extras. It's a pain to keep making new folders each week.

Coyote Party

We earned our second coyote party! We will have our coyote party on Wednesday, February 28th. Everyone can bring one pillow, one blanket or sleeping bag and one stuffed animal.

Reading Day

We will celebrate Reading Day on March 2nd. Please send your child's favorite book. We will share our books with each other and read to Kindergarten so it would be helpful if they could read it. They could bring one book they can read and one that might be a bit more challenging.


We made owls with Ms. Armstrong.

Valentine Tree

We made kind notes for Mr. Ernesto our Plant Forman for keeping our school running so well.
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Valentine's Party

We played PINGO, made frames, necklaces, and passed out our Valentine's.
We loved reading our Valentine Cards!

Writing Prompt

We wrote about animals but first we brainstormed some facts about our animal.
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Happy Birthday Dylan!

Thanks for the toys!

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Counting Hearts

Wow, we did a great job counting our hearts. Most students grouped them in 10's and were able to count 10, tens as 100's. We had a total of 1,196 hearts!

February 19-23 No School

February 28th - Coyote Party


Christy Campbell