36 Hours

in Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli, Libya is an amazing place with beautiful locations and architecture. You can do so many things in only 3 days, which includes monuments, castles, and much more.

The Arch of Marcus Aurelius - Friday 3:00

This monument was made in 165, so around 1850 years ago, this monument has been visited by millions maybe billions of people even historical figures including two roman emperors by the names of Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius.

Tripoli's Red Castle - Friday 4:30

This is really great place to go because of the beautiful architecture and artifacts, this is a very old building and a really beautiful building to.

Tripoli's Jamahiriya Museum - Friday 8:00

At this museum there are over 47 galleries to walk through, also the have artifacts that are over thousands years old, they also have classical artwork to admire.

Martyrs' Square - Saturday 11:00

Here you can shop and admire statues made hundreds of years ago.

Street Murals - Saturday 12:00

Admire murals that show the history of Tripoli.

Al-Majidya Mosque - Saturday 1:00

You can shop at over 50 vendors and stores.

Fish Market - Saturday 4:00

Almost all the edible fish sold there.

Pottery Stalls of Gharyan - Saturday 5:00

Shop and admire pottery.

Maidan al Jazair Square Mosque - Saturday Saturday 7:0

Very old place opened in 1928.

Arebi Dive Center - Sunday 3:00

Swim, boat rides, and snorkeling with live fish.
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