6th Grade Technology

By: Kaydence Cline

Typing Web

  • My typing skills have improved.
  • I have learned the right way to type.
  • I get better grades because my typing has improved.
  • In Typing Web we get 5 minutes at the beginning of each class to type and it will improve your typing skills by a lot.


  • It got me to have fun with my sister.
  • We were able to explore our skills.
  • I learned new skills.
  • In ITrailer we picked a subject of choice and we did a trail on that subject.

Haiku Deck

  • I got to learn things about the industry I want to work in.
  • I got to see my choices for college.
  • I got to learn what other people want to be when they grow up.
  • In Haiku Deck we made presentations about what we want to be when we grow up and what college we want to got to.

Explain Everything

  • We got to do math in technology.
  • we got to test our knowledge in math.