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TC Tech Team Newsletter - September

What's up in Tattnall TECH the month?

Password RESET

Oh yes, your favorite thing to do...mine too! Get ready for a password reset in Sept. It is necessary to keep our network safe.

Google Level 1 Certification - Starting Sept. 9

Interested in getting your Level 1 Google Certification, join the TC Google Certification classroom. There are 13 units we will work through...one per week. After completion of these units, you can take the Level 1 certification exam. Join the Google Certification Classroom if you would like to participate. Classroom code - eh7tfel

RESA Offerings - Click here

There are quite a few classes being offered by RESA this month. Go check them out. Most are online and start at 3:30. Look forward to seeing some of you in these classes.

New Rollouts

Blocksi - Middle and High

This is replacing LAN School in grades 9-12 now and plan to roll-out to upper elementary later in the year. We will be training media specialists Sept. 2 and then they will schedule training for school staff. All teachers in middle and high will have the ability to use this tool. It is a great tool for monitoring your students when they are on computers but it has some great instructional tools, as well. If you would like to go ahead and view some training videos, visit blocksi.teachable.com/courses

School Messenger - Teacher Initiated Messaging

*The elementary schools will continue to use ClassDojo because it is the best tool for younger students.

Oh my...I know many of you have been wondering what in the world we are doing in the Tech World with all of the recent automated text messages, phone calls and e-mails. Well, we have been getting everything ready to roll at for this tool. School Messenger has a component called Teacher Initiated Messaging (TIM) that will allow you to communicate with your classes (parents only at this time) via text just like Remind except it is connected to PS, which is a blessing. We will be scheduling training to share this new tool with you. Those of you that like to get ahead, can visit these links:

Sign-up School Messenger App (Phone)

Sign-up School Messenger App (Web)

Teacher Initiated Messaging

Use your email address, example jdoe@tattnall.k12.ga.us, as your username when you sign up.

Cyber Safety Training

More to come on this as our responsibility increases to safeguard personal information and be more secure online. Cyber Safety training via SafeSchools will be short and targeted to specific topics, such as creating strong passwords. We will continue this process via the Safeschools platform.
Google Classroom Pro Tips for Teachers

Our NEW normal....whatever that might look like

It has been a wild ride since March 2020 and we are still dealing with uncertain times. Just when we think we have a solid plan in place....new mandates...and here we go again. We have spent a lot of time and energy trying to determine what is best for our students. This has made me think a lot about what is important and what we should spend our energy on the most.

I have decided that our goal does not change in these times of uncertainty. Our goal has always been to do "whatever it takes" to meet the needs of our students and each other. Our primary goal is to provide a strong academic foundation for our students.

I try to see things as the glass "half full", so I encourage you to take on this year as one of fun adventures and a time to try new things with your students. When you feel like you cannot go anymore, stop, take a breath, and sing that happy song or turn on some music. It is ok to take that minute for yourself and your students to destress and refocus.

It is important to make memories that we can look back on in a few years and SMILE! Remember, I love technology but it can never replace a good teacher. You got this!