Vol.1, Issue 5: May 3, 2021

DYK.... we have hundreds of delicious recipes from around the world?

CultureGrams by ProQuest provides students with unique, immersive, and accessible information about cultures from around the world, including a unique recipe collection that offers five homegrown recipes from all countries in the database.

Follow along below to log in and explore ProQuest CultureGrams.

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Step 1: Log in to CultureGrams

Go to online.culturegrams.com

If you're on campus, you will not need to enter in the username or password.

If you're off campus, log in using the generic MHHS ProQuest login.

Copy-paste to avoid errors.

Username: JV747ZECUA
Password: >8UPm8~n

Click "login" and you will be taken to the main CultureGrams page.

Step 2: World Edition

Today we'll be exploring the "World Edition" of CultureGrams, located on the top left of the main page.

Click "Explore" to access.

Step 3: Explore Recipes!

Choose "Recipes" from along the top banner.

Recipes are organized alphabetically by country of origin.

Each recipe is classified as either a main dish, side dish, beverage, bread, or dessert.

See below for a smattering of recipes that can be found on ProQuest CultureGrams!

More to Explore!

Recipes are just one avenue of learning and appreciation of Earth's diverse cultures. ProQuest CultureGrams provides users with unlimited printing right along with exclusive online features, including photo galleries, slideshows, video clips, interviews, biographies of famous people, flags, and a wide range of data on each country.

Four Editions

Choose from and toggle between four editions of ProQuest CultureGrams.

World Edition - Experience the world through cultural information on more than 200 countries.

Kids Edition - Get a kid's-eye view of daily life in countries around the world.

States Edition - Explore all the U.S. states in colorful, engaging reports.

Provinces Edition - Tour all the Canadian provinces and territories in 13 image-filled reports.

Additional Data Tools

Questions about ProQuest? Want to schedule a class intro? Contact Mrs. Diaz!