Social Media In Arab

The Arab Spring Is Still Here

What is the Arab Spring?

The Arab Spring is a war using not violence, not soldiers, but social media! It started in Tunisia in 2011 when a police woman slapped a fruit seller and the government refused to speak to him about it so 18 days after trying to set up a meeting and getting denied; he set himself on fire and burned to death. After that people were appalled by how corrupt the government was and they took to social media to put an end to government oppression, corruption, and incompetence. It more than doubled the amount of protest. It spread all over the world as people posted videos, pictures, and quotes, using social media such as Youtube, Anonymous Text Messages, Facebook and Twitter, all trying to expose and destroy the government.

In 7 Main Countries

People Under 30 In Many Countries

Of the everyone protesting many were under the age of 30. Most of them lived in countries in the Middle East and North Africa, such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, and in the region of Palestine. To this day it still hasn't ended for countries like Syria and in their civil war as they're still fighting corrupt government and using social media such as even the news to get the word out. They are certain people, like Brian Steidle in Darfur, who go over into the wars and report on it and use social media to get the news out to other countries such as the United States. Some things that are helping keep the government corrupt is inflation and unemployment. Using this social media is helping them to get other countries to recognize that and help them fight for democracy.