Good for our Children : Good for our Teachers!

Technology Trainings

In the state of Florida, teachers generally have one teacher work day and one student early-release day a month. Many of these days are spent in a training where the teacher ends up fighting falling asleep or wishing they were in their classrooms getting work completed. Some of these training"s should introduce teachers to 21st century skills, as well as model different forms of technology that can be useful in the traditional classroom, expanding students technology from desktop computers..

Teaching Practices

I do not believe that all teachers should follow the same teaching practices. These styles should depend on the environment, students interests, subject being taught, and the local community. What is good for one area is not always best for another. Classrooms should be able to maintain their individuality. However, there should be more focus on creativity. Many teachers have lost their creative edge. Teachers are often told what to teach, and when to teach it. They are not told HOW to teach it. Engage students. Be a little crazy. The students will focus more. Teachers should not be afraid of getting dirty or stepping out of the "teacher" perception.