Year 6 End of Year Extravaganza!

An end of year coastline walk, summer picnic & swimming!

Further Details...

Every student should bring a small back pack with:

  • sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.
  • morning snack
  • refillable water bottle.
  • swimsuit & towel
  • camera and/ or phone

Students should come to school as normal at 08.30 but do not need a school bag. Please do not bring any ipads/ipods to school on this day.

Students should be collected from the swimming pool on the Port at 15.30.

Year 6 will be accompanied by Mr. Jones, M. Delambert, Miss. O'Fee, Miss. Bridel & Ms. Brees

Year 6 End of Year Extravaganza!

Tuesday, Jun 25th, 9:30am-3:30pm

12 Quai Antoine 1er



08.30 Morning registration

09.30 Depart from school

walk &outdoor games

12.00 summer picnic

13.30 - 15.30 swimming pool