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Foreign Manufacturing

The reason why I chose foreign manufacturing started when I was getting my dress ready for the morning. While I was picking which combination to wear, I thought about where my clothes came from. Then I remembered a story from CBS This Morning about foreign manufacturers like Gap and Nike using child labor. That is when I decided to write about this topic. The reason why I thought that this topic would be a good ideas is because there would be several resources available over that topic and there are several people against the problems with foreign manufacturing.

Thesis Statement

Instead of being blamed by customers and the government, American companies could prevent future predicaments from happening by starting an audit over foreign manufacturers or by starting to reshore manufacturing plants to North America in order in a force higher laws and protect workers from poor conditions.

Main Ideas

Body Paragraph Topics


Every good article needs an opposition. Mine mainly consisted of the negatively affecting the price of goods, job availability overseas, and the possible over population of a country.

The Dangers of Manufacturing and Why Companies Should Audit Them:

This paragraph topic comprised of several quotes that talked about the incidents that have happened in foreign manufacturing facilities.


This paragraph topic included some of the businesses that are starting to reshore.

Changes To Make For Reshoring:

In this section I explain that we, as a nation, need to change in order to meet the needs of foreign manufacturers.

Poor Working Conditions and Child Labor:

In this section I explain how the poor conditions that these workers go through and the child labor that these manufacturers use.

Some of the Main Research

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They Said It Best

“Companies such as Nike sought to lower costs by using overseas manufacturers, which in turn squeezed workers with low pay and poor working conditions”-Steve Hamm and Moria Herbst

“We bathed outside, otherwise, we were kept in one room without windows,” he told the Times” Manufacturer workers shouldn’t be put in the position to bathe outside. “India has the largest population of child workers in the world, with an estimated 60 million to 115 million minors forgoing education to earn money” -Blakely Rhys

“In October, Gap Inc. came under fire with the disclosure that children as young as 10 work in a sweatshop in India to produce children’s goods for the chain.”-Marka Hansen and Thomas Harkin

Just The Fact (And Statistics) M'AM!

Rana Plaza Death Toll

In the Rana Plaza collapse, 1,130 people died.
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Wham-O Reshoring Their Factilites

Wham-O has already started to reshore some of their facilities, including their Frisbee production.

Child Labor Workers

It is estimated that there are about 60 million workers that are children, worldwide.
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