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The word "Family"

The word family means a group consisting of parents and children living together to me.

An Immediate Family

The immediate family is a defined group of relations, used in rules or laws to determine which members of a person's family are affected by those rules. It normally includes a person's parents, spouses, siblings, children and first cousins.

An Extended Family

A family that extends beyond the nuclear family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives, who all live nearby or in one household.


A person who looks after and is legally responsible for someone who is unable to manage their own affairs, especially an incompetent or disabled person or a child whose parents have died.

Adoptive/Foster Family

Foster parents take kids into their homes and take care of them for as long as kids need. Together, they become a foster family. They are different because they aren't their real parents.

Diverse Family

Family diversity refers to a broad range of characteristics or dimensions on which families vary, along with a recognition that there are a multitude of different family types that function effectively.