May 10, 2016


Staff: This was the FLIGHT Team agenda from this morning. Each FLIGHT team leader will be discussing these items today during plan time. If you are not on a grade level team, please read the notes provided below, so you are aware of events that will be occurring. Thanks!


Details at this point will be shared next week on Monday.

Drop-In PD at Cedar Hill will take place during the next few years on behavior, management topics, following behavior plans

Monday's Learning Center meeting for all staff will begin at 8:05 with a short summer PD presentation and sign-up period. Bring your iPads.

-Will have facilitators, Kim, Sam, Jessica cover morning duties at 8:30. Gym or walk

according to schedule

-Kim W., Ezaria - 2, 3, 4- Outside Walk

-Joane- Greet buses and escort bus riders to gym and then go outdoors to help supervise 2, 3, 4 walkers

-Leanne- 8:00-8:50- Cafeteria Duty

-Jessica, Sam- K, 1, 5- Gym

•Intervention and WIN Time

Concerns at this point -----

Google Form-Questions- Rick

Polly and Lorie- gathering research-based interventions


M- Thursday - 9:15-9:40

Tues, Wed., Thurs - math intervention

Monday: Spend this time (10-20 minutes) as a school conducting a Morning Class Meeting incorporating a PBS lesson/video/activity- this Monday option was discussed

Summer Curriculum Launch Days- attendance will be key for understanding of new timeframe; pacing guide and curriculum/assessment expectations

Late summer planning for FLIGHT Team-

Kick-off school year planning

Intervention Team- roles; responsibilities

•Summer Professional Development-

Differentiation - online book study

Classroom Management- key workshop for ALL teachers

Expectations of all teachers -

Relationships with students; Greeting students at the door

Engaging lessons- teachers are active/circulating in the classroom

Essential look-fors across the district are being established

Evidence-Based Intervention

Behavior workshops for all teachers

•End of year schedule questions

Field Day - Parent phone calls expected if a student has lost FD time

Each grade level will plan their own movie or morning/afternoon activity opposite of FD

Final Day of School -Lunch Plan

Beginnning at 11:00 (a schedule will come out), grade levels will come downstairs, pick up a sack lunch and drink, and return to their classroom to eat with their teacher.

Fifth grade will do this following their reception.

Checking Out- Thursday afternoon before 4:00; Friday between 1:30-3:00

•Around The Room

Lorie will check into staff keeping their keys throughout the summer.

The classroom move progression was discussed.

This Friday, 5th grade students from Amy's room will assist moving stored material from Sam's room to the K-1 storage closet.

Rick may begin moving items to Sam's closet during the afternoon of Field Day. Actually, Ashley and Sam may begin moving items now to the extra kindergarten room. If items can be stored on top of bookshelves and placed in storage cabinets, that would be terrific. Darrell will scrub and wax that floor beginning on May 20th. Ashley should be able to finish moving all of her things to that room by May 25th. Sam's classroom will be second on the scrub/wax floor schedule so Rick can move all of his items upstairs at that point.

Thank You!

Thank you, Ashley, for serving on the Leadership Team this year as the third grade representative! Ashley will join the Intervention Team next year and Ashley Craghead will join as the rep. on the FLIGHT team.

A huge thank you to all of you who served on the FLIGHT team this year. Your leadership, dedication, and commitment to our school and its culture is VITAL!!! Thank you for your guidance in helping me lead! It takes a TEAM!!! I hope all of you have a wonderful summer!!!!