Fight Song Service Project

By: Daniella Goff

Homeless Care Packages

Doing something that's makes someone lower than u feel higher really makes a difference in the world. I decided to participate in the homeless care packages because that's what I wanted to do. The homeless care packages is pretty much where you buy a lot of everyday needs like food,water,socks,toothbrush,toothpaste,and lots of other stuff like that,and then you put it all into a bag and when you see someone on the street instead of giving money you would give them the care package. This gives people a opportunity to give people a chance to feel like a normal persona donate someone does care. It also make us feel better about yourself and it shows that u really want to help.
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How it makes a Difference

People don't realize that there are other people besides them in this world that have bigger problems than they do. Many people just like to think about themselves and don't really see that other people need some help. But most people aren't like that and really make a difference. They all go out of their way to try to help people who have goon through terrible things that make them not as fortunate as others.

Whenever people want to take their time to help they realize how it feels good to make others feel like you really do care. For example the homeless care packages is a great way to help. If you did something once a month to help our world would be SO different. There would be a such huge impact and our world.

Helping others make a really big impact by showing that you care and it make people really happy to know that you care.

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North Texas Food Bank

North Texas food Bank is a organization that take their time to put together baskets of canned goods and give it to the people who don't have enough money for food or are just in desperate need for it.

I would like to get more involved because I did something similar with the care packages and it made me feel really good to know that other people are gonna be able to eat after maybe months

The people at North Texas food bank are trying to make sure that there is way more good in the world.