Maker Space

Making connections

Building Bridges

Fifth grade students are using the Media Center Maker Space and the materials in it to teach the engineering process through a cross-curricular bridge activity. This activity is an inquiry based approach to solving a problem as well as working within a series of criteria and constraints. The information gleaned during their first experience with the engineering process will be used by the students in their design and redesign of a 'Bone Bridge'. The students have been learning about bones and the skeleton in health class. This Halloween Stem Challenge, which is to build a bone bridge with specific constraints, connects the engineering process to the the content that they have been studying in a thematic and educational holiday activity.

Final Bone Bridges

Students gathered together on Halloween to present their Bone Bridges. Students tested the bridges made by their group to be sure the bridge met all requirements. Bridges had to be at least one inch in height and width, and able to hold a penny without falling through. Although the designs were different, all groups were successful!!