Drew todd

Top Ten Events

1. April 22, 1970

First "Earth Day" celebrated

2.April 24, 1971

Huge anti-war march in Washington D.C.

3.May 29,1972

Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty

4.September 5-6, 1972

19 people killed in the terrorist siege of the Munich Olymipic Games

5. 1973

Arab oil embargo

6. January 22, 1973

Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court legalizes abortion

7. 1975

UN declares international year of the woman

8. April 30, 1975

South Vietnam falls to the Communist forces of North Vietnam

9. July 4, 1976

America celebrates the bicentennial

10. March 28, 1979

Radioactive leak at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant

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Movies and songs

One of the most popular movies of e time was "The Godfather" with Marlon Brando and it was released in March 15, 1973

One of the songs from this time that you still here today is "The Y.M.C.A." By The Village People released in November 13, 1973