Woodlawn Early Years School

December 2021 Newsletter


Spread the Joy...

Each month this year, our grade 4s (by class) get a chance to be WOW students. They get to come up with ways they can be leaders in the school and the community. The theme for our WOW students (3/4M and 3/4D) this month is spreading the joy. We know that as we get closer to a holiday break, sometimes we can feel a bit stressed and out of routine. Our Wow students are making it their goal to find ways to bring joy to the staff and students at Woodlawn School. Not only are they planning a countdown to the holidays wacky week, they are also looking at some special ways to recognize their teachers.

We encourage all of you to find some time leading up to the holiday break to breathe and to do something that brings you joy. Maybe that is going for a walk, having a family game night, or cozying up with a good book.

Happy Holidays,

Karen Fraser & Tara Reimer


We all want to be good parents. Good parents. What does that mean anyway? Research professor and author Brene Brown teaches about shame, vulnerability and courage that helps us get to the heart of what good parenting really is. If you haven’t read any of her books, or listened to her podcast, you might want to check it out. Her work is not specifically about parenting, but more about learning how to do our own emotional work so we can show up as the parent our children need us to be. Brene Brown’s Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto is a quick read that might make us reconsider what matters most, and how to achieve the lofty goal of good parenting.

Click on the links below for more information from Brene Brown.

The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto

Brene Brown Podcasts

We wish you a holiday season filled with love, belonging and joy.

Sandy Caners

Katrina Hamilton


LOVE LITERACY - Tips and Tricks from Literacy Support

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when we’re all thinking about gifts, for our families or for others. It can be stressful trying to think of the right gift, the one that will be used for more than 5 minutes! I’m here to help. Here is a list of fun gifts that build or practice literacy skills.

Word games: There are so many games that help kids learn about letters and words. Some great ones are Sight Word or Alphabet Bingo, Zingo, Kids Boggle, Kids Scrabble, Bananagrams, Memory with letters/words, I Spy (look for things that have a certain beginning sound/letter), and Alphabet Go Fish.

Board games: Many great board games involve reading, storytelling and/or thinking skills.

Books: A few places to find a variety of age and interest-based titles are this Brightly list and this one from Reading Rockets. You can also give books that are based on different interests such as cooking, sports, or the outdoors.

Manipulatives: Magnetic letters, white boards, journals and diaries, and unique pencils, pens and markers can spur on aspiring writers.

If you’re not sure what particular book or game your friend or loved one would like, consider a gift card from a store like Indigo (Canadian) or Janzen’s Paint and Decorating in Steinbach!

Happy holidays!

Mrs. Peters


During our last PD day, our teachers did some work on numeracy. As a whole group, we looked at what we believe rich mathematical teaching and learning looks like. The word splash below shows what our teachers came up with.
Big picture


This month the Hanover School Division agreed on a Treaty Land Acknowledgement to be said at formal events. In addition, a plaque will be placed at each school site recognizing that where Canadians live and build their schools was made possible through the signing of the treaties. Did you know Woodlawn School has been saying a Treaty Land Acknowledgement over the announcements every morning for two years already? This is what all our students hear every morning:

As we stand for O Canada, let us remember that our beautiful country is made possible through the signing of the treaties with First Nations people. We are all treaty people.

Or they may hear this one:

As we stand for O Canada let us keep in our minds that this great country began as a

partnership that will last as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the rivers flow. We are all

treaty people.

While land acknowledgements might be new for non-Indigenous Canadians, they are not new for Indigenous peoples. Through my relationships with Indigenous friends I have learned it is customary at events or before and during ceremonies, to speak with gratitude of where you have come from and where you are right now. Acknowledging the land and the ways in which it provides life and gives us everything we need.

A reciprocal relationship to land is something I am working on cultivating for myself and with students at Woodlawn School. What does it mean to have a relationship with land that is more than just using the land for entertainment or beauty? How is the land a teacher? How is the land a text we can learn to read? Which pieces of land hold a special place in your heart? Where do you feel connected and in a relationship with nature?


November was a very exciting month for PAC.

Here is the month in review

Pizza update

136 students participated

1797 pizzas sold

178 pizza shells

Profit $9847

Thank you again to all our Woodlawn families for making this happen!!! This money will be used towards our outdoor playground plans.

Hot lunch

We were so excited to welcome back hot lunch on November 22nd. The students and staff had such great reviews.

We will be offering hot lunch again on December 20th.

Please watch your emails for updates.

Lunches are $5.

PAC hot lunch coupons will be excepted with an additional $1.

Pizza vouchers will not be excepted at this time.

Special Events

Tis the season of giving. Woodlawn PAC is organizing a staff appreciation for our school. Lunch will be served and we are asking for volunteers to bring in beverages and treats.

If you are interested in showing appreciation to the staff for all they do, please feel free to sign up. All items must be delivered to office on December 10th by 10 AM.

**Due to Covid, all food MUST be individually wrapped and packaged in a commercial kitchen.**

**All Items must be Peanut Free**

We thank you in advance.


Next PAC meeting

December 14th

Time and location TBD

On behalf of PAC, we want to wish all the families and staff at Woodlawn a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Sara Richards

PAC President


We are asking for parents help to have each student bring a refillable water bottle each day to school with them. Our water fountains are only for bottle filling. As a school we cannot be handing out cups at the rate we are. If your student forgets their water bottle, we will be calling home for one to be brought for them. We thank you in advance for your participation in this matter.


Report cards will be released on December 3 at 3:45 pm. You are able to view them on the Parent Portal.


Student Led Conferences will be virtual this year. Appointments can be booked on the Parent Portal. They are 10 minute appointments.


Stay tuned for more details.


PAC will be offering a Smitty's hot lunch on Dec 20th. A google form will be sent to all parents on December 10th. Please complete and pay for your students hot lunch by Friday December 17th.


If your child's teacher asks you to send Christmas treats to school with your child please do not send anything containing peanuts/nuts or peanut/nut products. We have students with severe allergies to peanuts and appreciate your help in keeping all our students safe. We are only able to serve treats that are individually wrapped and prepared in a commercial kitchen at this time.


The Rocco's Pizza Fundraiser was a huge success! $9847 was raised to go towards our Outdoor Play Area! Thank you to our Woodlawn community for your support.


We thank everyone for participating in our holiday fundraiser. As a school we raised just over $1000.00. That money will go towards special events at the school, such as winter fun day, summer fun day and guest speakers/performers.


In the interest of maximizing learning time in the classroom and keeping interruptions to a minimum please make home time arrangements with your child(ren) before they leave for school in the morning.
Please write a note in the agenda if home time arrangements are different from your normal routine, whether your child is going home with someone else or being picked up at the end of the day.

If you must phone the school regarding a change in home time arrangements please call before 2:45.
If you are picking your child up for an appointment during the school day please sign your child out at the office and the secretary will call your child to meet you at the office. It is difficult to locate students on the playground during the activity breaks and we ask that if you must pick up your child during the school day you avoid the activity break times (11:05-11:30 and 1:10-1:35 for Kindergarten students or 11:30-11:55 and 1:35-2:00 for Grades 1-4).


All urban bus routes are posted on the HSD website with times and maps. Any urban or rural bus that will be late due to weather or mechanical issues is listed on the HSD website under the bus delay tab.

Go to the drop down menu of Services where you can choose:

1. School Bus Delay Bulletins where any bus that is late is posted with the approximate delay.

2. Steinbach Urban Bus Routes - Scroll down to select Woodlawn School and then select your bus number.

Thank you for checking these options before calling the Hanover School Division Transportation Department with your questions regarding bus delays and Steinbach urban bus routes times and maps. Any questions for transportation please call 204-320-2347.


Hanover School Division is actively looking for new Spare Bus Drivers. This is a great casual part time job where you control the amount you want to work. Hanover School Division Transportation Department provides all of the training you need to be a successful bus driver. If you are interested please email rwarkentin@hsd.ca for more information.


As we all know the weather in Manitoba can change from one moment to the next. Please send your children dressed to deal with the elements. Good boots, mittens,and a hat added to ski pants and a parka makes all the difference between a child enjoying the outdoors or tolerating it. Please label all your child's outwear items as our young students often lose or forget items in various places!

Students are encouraged to go out for recess because it is important to get some fresh air during the day. Remember germs, not cold air, cause illness.

Weather and grounds permitting, all students play outdoors until 8:53 in the morning. Our cold weather policy is to keep students inside at recess when the wind chill factor is –30 or greater. Outside recess times will be shortened if the wind chill is between –25 and –29 Celsius.


When extreme weather or road conditions call for a school closure you will receive a recorded phone call from Superintendent Randy Dueck beginning at 6:45 am. This additional communication effort is to help ensure that all students will be aware of school closures and no students will find themselves in an unsafe situation where they may be facing extreme weather unnecessarily. When school is cancelled due to weather and road conditions there are no staff members at the school. If your phone number has changed since the beginning of the school year please call the office at 204-326-6110 to update your information.

Schools will be closed due to extreme cold when the temperatures in most locations in the division are –35 degrees Celsius or colder OR is experiencing a wind chill of -45 degrees Celsius or colder. Click here for more information.


The school is in need of a variety of sizes of clean, used clothing such as pants, sweatpants, socks for girls and boys. Sometimes parents are unable to bring a change of clothes for a child that has had an accident or fallen in a puddle and these items come in very handy. If you are able to donate clothing items please drop them off at the school office.


Kindergarten registration for the 2022-2023 school year will open on January 6, 2022. To be eligible, Children must be five years of age on or before December 31, 2022. The registration process will take place online at www.HSD.ca. If you do not have access to the Internet, please visit the school office and we can assist you in completing the registration on a school computer. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to register their children soon after registration opens in January. Early registration will assist us in preparation and planning for the upcoming school year. Registering before March 1, 2022, will ensure there is sufficient time for school appointments and provide parents/guardians with the opportunity to participate in Kindergarten orientation activities. Visit www.HSD.ca for registration instructions.