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The Leopard- December 10th

Are you ready to TACKLE the CHALLENGE?

3 Focuses for High Reliability

Reminder Regarding Expectations Re-Set


Just a reminder for your planning that the first week after we return is critical for resetting and re-establishing classroom norms and expectations.

Our expectation is that each staff member spend some intentional time with each class revisiting your co-created norms and goals. Some questions you might post for discussion and implementation as you tweak your classroom goals and norms:

1. In your opinion, do our co-created class norms meet our needs?

2. How might we improve our class norms/expectations to make the spring semester even better?

3. What behaviors do you see as a class that you would like for others to extinguish?

4. What goals should our class set for the remainder of the year?

5. What goals do you have for the Spring?

Please let Lara or I know when each of you are having this "reset" conversation of our so we can support you.

Remember that we want to use our 7 habits as the foundation for this reflect on their thinking and behavior. Allyson also has TONS of great resources for you as you prepare for the first week back.

Nuts and Bolts

It's time again to nominate your 1 boy and 1 girl for the Leopard Leadership Award held on January 15th at 7:45 a.m.

***Please select your 1 boy and 1 girl by Friday, December 18th. ***

We have a parent who would like to show our staff her thanks by providing iphone cases for you for free! How nice!

Sign up on this list below by Monday at 4:00 p.m. if you would like one.


(see SCIS master academic calendar)


SCIS Gift of Time Coverage- Please use a 2 period block of time to give back to your families, get some shopping done without your children, or attend your child's school. You are welcome to use your back to back conference periods and lunches if you like. If you need additional coverage please click the form here to sign up. SCIS Gift of Time Coverage-

You may place your name in any 2 periods that GREEN for open.


Monday 12.14.15

Reindeer Games- "All aboard the polar express" Teachers can wear slippers and we'll serve hot coco.

Semester Exam GT6Math
6th Math Unit 3

Tuesday 12.15.15

Reindeer Games- "Painting with a twist"- Staff ornament painting during lunchtime

Semester Exam GT6Math

Wednesday 12.16.15
Reindeer Games-"Warm up Wednesday" Staff is encouraged to wears sweats/warm-ups!

Semester Exam GT6Math


H Dale B-Day

Staff Mtg - Vertical

Thursday 12.17.15
Reindeer Games- "Teams dress as your favorite Christmas song or story character" Prizes will be awarded for most original, no explanation needed and most participants overall. Christmas cookies will be served all day in teachers lounge.
Semester Exam GT6Math
Leopard Leader Breakfast

Friday 12.18.15

Reindeer Games- "Christmas Social" Wear your holiday shirt and jeans (half day)

Pizza Lunch includes our staff!

Grading period ends

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