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Important Updates and Information SY 2021-22 Issue 4

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Creating your TeacherMade Account and Enrolling in the Pro Version

TeacherMade Account

TeacherMade Tips

Duplicating Items with Control+D

Making a worksheet with all one question type? Duplicate your items and make your worksheet in a matter of minutes!

  • How to use:

  1. Click on the object to highlight it.

  2. Press the Ctrl key + the letter 'D' to duplicate it.

  3. Drag this new object wherever you want.

Pro Tip: When you duplicate an item, the answer choices and point values of the first answer box are also duplicated. Don’t forget to go back and adjust them!

Does Your Worksheet Need Some Tweaking for Online Delivery?

Many of your print resources may need a little revising once you load them into TeacherMade. Often instructions need a rewrite, maybe an image is too grainy, perhaps there are page numbers that no longer have meaning. Whatever the problem is, using our color block tool can fix it. It’s like blemish makeup for your worksheet. Apply liberally where needed. ;) Used with the TeacherText tool, you can format your worksheet for digital display and completion by your students.

Color Block Tool

Don’t like one portion of the worksheet you uploaded? Use the Color Block tool to white it out! Your students will never know the difference!

  • How to Use:

  1. Select the eraser icon to copy the image icon.

  2. Draw the color block wherever you would like it on the assignment.

♥ Pro Tip: If the PDF you uploaded includes the answers to the questions, you can

place a color block over these answers, so that way your students cannot see them.

Watch for more training videos on how to use TeacherMade with your students and within your Canvas Course.

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How to Screen Capture in KAMI to record videos for your students

This video shows you how to create an assignment and add Screen Capture Comments in KAMI. This allows students to see what you are doing on the screen as well as hear and see you. You can use the KAMI tools to demonstrate what you need students to do. You can also create an instructional video to share with your students using the KAMI APP.
How to Screen Capture in a KAMI App assignment.

How to add a KAMI assignment to Canvas

Adding a KAMI assignment to your Canvas Course

Using Wonders Curriculum in KAMI quick overview

Using Wonders Curriculum in KAMI

Learn how to use Teams to record an instructional video to share in Canvas with your students. This video shows how to record in teams, how to download the video, and how to upload into youtube, as well as how to add it to your Canvas Course.

Recording an Instructional Video in Teams
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Here's a quick video on how to use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot.

How to Use Snipping Tool (Beginners Guide)

How to get IT Support

Getting IT Support at

Click the button below to ask questions or submit training topics.

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Enjoy this while you read these tech tips!

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