Science in Summer

Jack Brennan

Physical Science

I had a baseball tournament this summer that I had a good play in. It used Physical Science in this play. This would be Physical Science because I am doing something that uses movement and activity. I had to figure what time I had to jump to catch the ball.


This summer I had an awesome baseball play. It was in the beginning of the summer so I don't remember all of it. It was near the end of the game and there was one out, I was playing third base. There was no one on any of the bases. One of the players on the other team hit a line drive right through the gap of me and short base. I dove up and caught the ball in my hand but I dropped it, the ball was still in front of me. I grabbed it and threw it at third base. It was a frantic throw but I made it there. It was my best play of the year.

About Me

I was born in Hawaii in the same hospital as Barrack Obama. The hospital is called Kapiolani Medical Center. I lived there for seven years and then moved to Illinois because of my dad's work. I learn better when we do a lab or when we interact with each other. My favorite subject in school is science because it is very interesting to learn about the Earth and chemicals. I have two new puppies named Rex and Romeo. Rex is a Lab retriver and Dutch Shepard. We think he will be at least 80 pounds. Romeo is a Beagle and Rat Terrier mix. He will stay his size which is a whopping 25 pounds. I love to play sports and hang out with my friends. I love to funny and when I see or here a funny joke I start to crack up.