Demo Plan

Mustakima Gazi- Pharmacy Assistant@ Heritage Hills Pharmacy


May19/ 2016

Time of Demo:



I chose this activity because as a pharmacy assistant, it is one of the tasks I do the most. I have to scan 2-3 time a day whenever I see the prescriptions piling up. Also it is one of tasks I enjoy doing the most.

Details of Activity

I will be teaching you how to scan different types of documents in to the computer. One of the important skills we need for this task is the computer usage and being able to enter patient's data correctly in the computer.

Required Materials

  • Computer
  • Scanner
  • Prescriptions
  • Highlighter
  • Pen(optional)

Details of Activity

  1. Get the basket with the not scanned prescriptions.
  2. Unfold the large prescriptions and sort out the prescriptions according to their sizes.
  3. For the single prescriptions:
  4. put the prescriptions on the scanner according to their sizes, upside down and facing the back of the prescription.
  5. click " workbench" on the screen
  6. click "completed" then click the bar code on the bottom left corner, then click "batch scan" to start scanning.
  7. After all the prescriptions are scanned, the list of the scanned items will show up on the screen.
  8. If any of them shows " needs review"in red, open it and type in the prescription number in the bar on top of the scanned document.
  9. After typing in all the numbers , click " complete".
  10. take the scanned prescription and highlight the numbers on left top corner with a yellow highlighter.
  11. repeat step 5-12 until all the prescription are scanned.
  12. For the papers with multiple prescriptions:
  13. click "patient", then click "search" and type in the patient's first and last name, and click "search".
  14. choose the patient's name from the list and click "Done".
  15. Go to patient's information and chose all the prescription numbers that matches the number on the document.
  16. Go to " RX" and click " single scan" from the "attachments" , this will allow you to scan single documents and attach it to the patient's information.
  17. place the document on the scanner, and click " ok " on the computer.
  18. after it's done, save them and repeat step 15-22 until all the (document) are scanned.
  19. highlight all the scanned document and it is ready for filing.