Tech Ed Curriculum Information

October, 2020

Welcome to Technology Education with Ms. McAnthony!

In our trimester-based class, students will have the opportunity to develop essential technology and engineering skills that will empower students with their self-learning skills. Our project-based class focuses on hands-on learning experience.

Grade 6 themes:

  • Intro to Computing - Communication, Collaboration, and Coding

  • Intro to Engineering Design Process and Modeling

Grade 7 themes:

  • Intro to Structures

  • Applying the Engineering Design process

  • Intro to Computing

Grade 8 themes:

  • Applying the EDP in a major capstone design thinking project.

  • Significant Technology Trends

All Grades will also cover:

  • Remote learning tools

  • WeVideo - Introduction to video production and editing


As this course is focused on exploring a lot of different technologies, the emphasis is on “learning by doing.” Each module will have a score based on three indicators:

  • Effort/Participation/Engagement - this is achieved through connecting to class Zoom meetings and online discussions, and submitting assignments.

  • Completion of classwork - this is achieved by taking part in all class assignments and maintaining a Digital Interactive Notebook.

  • Summative assessments - for example, Exit Tickets, Quizzes, and project products.

All assignments are tracked on Canvas, and unit based scores are posted on Aspen/X2 on a bi-weekly basis.

Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or concerns.

Ask your child about the intro video they made for class!

This year every student in Grades 6-8 are learning to make videos. This is part of the commitment FPS is making to support students during remote and hybrid learning. Please reach out to me at any time if you have questions or to learn more about what we're doing in Tech Ed! I can't wait to hear from you! My email is