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October 21st

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From the desk of Principal Williams


Steele Lane is such a special place. The students and staff at our school are special. Your students are happy and have so much joy on their faces. Their teachers are working so hard to ensure that they are getting what they need each and every day. Thank you for being a part of the Steele Lane Family and supporting us from home.

I am especially proud of how the students and staff have handled the rain this week. Please help us remind our students to avoid the puddles and other water features out and about around school.

If your student is placed in modified quarantine because they were a close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, your student will need to get tested 2 times with the 10 day period. Please read below about locations where you can get your student tested.

With much gratitude,

Mrs. Williams

Halloween Parade

We will have the whole school parade this year on October 29th at 8:45 am. Families are allowed to come onto the blacktop to watch the parade. For families that choose to watch you will need to stay outside the building, wear a mask and also keep your distance from the students and others outside your household.

Students may wear costumes, but must follow the following guidelines;

  • No scary masks
  • No weapons
  • No blood
  • If they have an appropriate mask it may be worn at school during the parade only
  • No adult-themed costumes
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Lost/Damaged Fees for Instructional Materials & Library Books

Lost/Damaged Fees for Instructional Materials and Library Books...Reminder to Families

Santa Rosa City Schools provides textbooks and other instructional materials (Chromebooks, Chromebook accessories, WiFi Hotspots, etc.) at no cost to the students and their parents/guardians. Students are responsible for the proper use and care of those instructional materials issued to them. The parent, guardian, or other person having custody of the student to whom the instructional materials are issued shall be liable for any loss, abuse, or damage in excess of that which would result from normal use of the materials.

The following is a list of key points regarding this topic:

  • The District provides instructional materials to students at no cost and the students are responsible for these materials to be returned to the district after the item is no longer used.

  • The District will attempt to recover the lost instructional material or library items for a fee equal to the cost of replacement while a student is still in our District.

  • If unable to pay the fee, a family must be offered an alternative, such as volunteer hours.

  • Costs for technological repairs and/or replacements are as follows

    • $20 for key/keyboard issues

    • $25 for case replacement

    • $25 power adapter replacement

    • $50 for a screen replacement

    • $57 for a Wifi Hotspot (limited number assigned)

    • $270 full Chromebook replacement for total loss

Linked is a copy of Academic Regulation 5125.2: Withholding Grades, Diploma Or Transcripts -

Linked is a copy of Board Policy 6161.2: Damaged Or Lost Instructional Materials AR 6161.2 -

1:1 Chromebook Program FAQ -

Cuotas por materiales educativos y libros de la biblioteca perdidos o dañados... Recordatorio para las familias

El distrito escolar Santa Rosa City Schools proporciona libros de texto y otros materiales educativos (Chromebooks, accesorios de Chromebook, puntos de acceso WiFi, etc.) sin costo para los estudiantes y sus padres o tutores legales. Los estudiantes son responsables del uso y cuidado adecuados de los materiales educativos que se les entreguen. El padre, tutor u otra persona que tenga la custodia del estudiante a quien se le entregan los materiales educativos será responsable de cualquier pérdida, abuso o daño que exceda el que resultaría del uso normal de los materiales.

La siguiente es una lista de puntos clave con respecto a este tema:

  • El distrito escolar proporciona materiales educativos a los estudiantes sin costo y los estudiantes son responsables de que estos materiales se devuelvan al distrito cuando ya no usen el artículo.

  • El distrito escolar intentará recuperar el material educativo perdido o los artículos de la biblioteca por una tarifa equivalente al costo de reemplazo mientras el estudiante aún se encuentre en nuestro distrito escolar.

  • Si no puede pagar la tarifa, se le debe ofrecer a la familia una alternativa, como horas de voluntariado..

  • Las multas por reparaciones y / o reemplazos tecnológicos son los siguientes:

    • $ 20 por problemas con las teclas / teclado

    • $ 25 por reemplazo de la caja

    • Reemplazo del adaptador de corriente por $ 25

    • $ 50 por un reemplazo de pantalla

    • $ 57 por un punto de acceso Wifi (hay un número limitado de dispositivos asignados)

    • Reemplazo completo de Chromebook por $ 270 por pérdida total

Adjunto hay una copia de la regulación AR 5125.2- Retención de calificaciones, diploma o expedientes académicos -

Adjunto hay una copia de la regulación AR 6161.2- Materiales educativos dañados o perdidos -

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre el Programa de Chromebooks 1:1 -


COVID testing for people with symptoms

Contact your healthcare provider, or

  • Visit a free Sonoma County Testing Location
  • Please do NOT visit Santa Rosa City Schools testing sites if you have symptoms
  • Click here for Sonoma County COVID-19 Testing & Tracing Information: in English | in Spanish

COVID testing for students without symptoms (asymptomatic) Or students in Modified Quarantine
  • Without symptoms, many people with COVID-19 infections aren’t even aware they are carriers of the virus. As a result, they may not be taking the necessary precautions to isolate themselves and protect others.
  • Click the following link to learn more about asymptomatic testing for students at Lewis Early Learning Academy on Mondays through Thursday 2:30-5:to Pre-Register for testing use this link to sign -up.

  • Free vaccines are available to anyone age 12 and older.
  • Click here for Sonoma County Vaccine Clinic Information: in English | in Spanish
More information is available on our website:

Picture Retake Day

The retake day for school pictures will be October 28th. If your student was absent or needs to retake their picture, please make sure they attend school on that day.

Lunch Menu

Click here to view the lunch menu. Remember that lunch is free this year!

Important COVID reminders

Masks must be worn on campus. Please send your student in a mask, and if you are walking on school property you must wear a mask as well regardless if you are vaccinated. We will have extra masks if they forget or if theirs gets broken throughout the day. This is to keep all of our students and staff safe. Please send your student with a water bottle to limit touching high touch surfaces.

Please do not send your student to school if they are exhibiting any of the following symptoms;

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea
If your student shows any signs of these symptoms they will be isolated and you will need to pick them up immediately, and then we will follow up with the SRCS COVID protocols.

Parent Square

ParentSquare is super important for our school community. It is how we primarily communicate.

We encourage parents to access their accounts so they can download the mobile app and update their preferences on when and how they are notified. If you need support signing up for ParentSquare please call our office at 707-890-3945 to set up an appointment.

Log into ParentSquare today. If you are new to ParentSquare, click here for instructions (English/español). If you need more information visit this webpage from Santa Rosa City Schools.

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