Andrew Jackson: Presidency

Andrew Jackson,monster to wealthy and hero to the poor.

Andrew Jackson destroying the National Bank

By the 1820's many people and Andrew Jackson thought that the bank was being corrupt and only helping the wealthy.So he destroyed it and gave the money to a lot of smaller banks through the country.The wealthy thought that Jackson was a monster .The poor saw him as a hero.

The Indian Removal Act

The Cherokee lived in the Southeastern part of the United States. Americans wanted there land because it gave them more land to grow cotton and potentially find gold. Jackson decided to sign the Indian Removal Act into law.This would move the Indians west of Mississippi. The Indians were forced to leave and were walked to there new home.This led to the ''Trail of Tears'' a horrible event that the Indians would never forget.

Nullification Crisis

Jackson passed two tariffs in his presidency.Tariff 1828, also known as the Tariff of abomination. This made South Carolina angry because they had to buy there important goods from the United Sates instead of European Countries.The U.S. prices were way to high. South Carolina said they would secede from the United States.So the U.S. said they would lower the Price, buy SC still would not pay it. So Jackson passed the force bill that made SC have to buy there goods. Jackson said if they don't then he would bring the army and make them pay it.

Letter to the Editor: Soldier

Andrew Jackson is the best. He just signed the Indian Removal Act, so when these Indians get out we get all this land. My family and I can make a home here and make a living of selling crops. I can retired and have a house built already.This is why Andrew Jackson is a good president.

Letter to the Editor: Cherokee

Andrew Jackson was a terrible president. He made my whole tribe leave our home, so they could grow crops and mine gold. Every one was Separated and was force to start walking to there new home. We moved west of Mississippi where we were told that there was beautiful land, but in the end there was only dead tress and no grass. We will never forget the Indian removal Act.

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