Friday Focus

JSE Staff September 25, 2015

"Love Your People"

Thank you Joe!...check out our freshly buffed and painted JSE sign on the gym wall outside...stay away birds!

Body safety presentations went well. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day for this most important conversation with students. Shaping and molding our students to self-advocate for safety too!

We start next week showing our support for the Red Circle Foundation. Nick has shared information with you, a flyer will go home today and the JSE news will explain our efforts. We will update you with the signing of the banner details next week.

SIP Committees will meet Wednesday and we will have a staff meeting Thursday. If you have agenda items you would like addressed at the staff meeting please let me know.

We will end the week with a staff breakfast and our school-wide Time Out for Reading: nose in a book at 10am on Friday. Thank you for encouraging your students and families to read each night for 20. I have included a link below, RESEARCH says...We will be coming around to take pictures and Lisa will be e-mailing you some fun ideas.

Enjoy your weekend and the beautiful fall days! ~Leigh

RESEARCH SAYS... 20 minutes or more

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Professional Development

  • Wednesday- SIP (PL221) Committees: Continue with the items you addressed in your last meeting. Please decide your professional learning focus and let me know how I can support the resources you may need...books, programs, resource tools, etc. Please continue the running note record. I will be out of the building Wednesday.
  • Thursday- Staff Meeting in Melissa's Room: Let me know of any agenda items.

Teach Like a Champion refresher... Chapter 2 – Planning That Ensures Academic Achievement: Technique 7

The pdf below provides an excellent and QUICK summary of Doug Lemov's, Teach Like a Champion. Purposeful and Intentional: Technique 1: NO OPT OUT,Technique 2: RIGHT IS RIGHT,Technique 3: STRETCH IT, Technique 4: FORMAT MATTERS, Technique 5: WITHOUT APOLOGY, Technique 6: BEGIN WITH THE END, Take a quick look this week at Technique 7: 4 M's.

*We I.N.S.P.I.R.E: Student Friendly Objectives posted

I encourage you to skim through these and include them in your instruction next week. Just a plain ol' good refresher!