Twilight Eye

Megan Hemmersbach

Divergent By: Veronica Roth

In my book, Beatrice Prior lives in a world of five different factions. Once you turn 16 you have to choose which faction you want to live in for the rest of their lives; Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and the Erudite (the intelligent). Beatrice has to choose between her family or the person she thinks she really is. She makes a choice that surprises everyone, but it doesn't matter to anyone else because now she has to live the life she chose.

Researched Career: Accountant

Wisconsin Average Salary: $52,000

Demand: 22% job growth by 2018

Job Description: An accountant work to examine financial records, deal with taxes and money, and help with organization within a business. I would work in a small business where the boss is the only person ahead of me, but there are also other workers that work with me. There would be minimal travel involved outside of the state. There is potential to grow to a CPA or certified public accountant.

And the Story Goes...

Book Jacket Synopsis

Hope Nelicks is the happiest teenager on earth. Graduating in the class of 2020 with high honors from Shantland High and attending college in the fall for her dream career of an accountant, life couldn't get much better. Until one day the world goes out, leaving them in pitch black. Minutes later the world comes back to light, however it doesn't just come back as one, but as three. Unfortunately, her family and boyfriend are no where to be found. Where are they? They are on different worlds that can't be accessed without specific government codes. No average Joe can just get the codes and Hope finds this out in a hurry. As she fights for her loved ones, she realizes it might not be as easy as she thinks. She isn't about to give up though. Will she find her loved ones back, or are they gone for good?

Plot Chart


Main- Hope Nelicks (Static)

Peter Marks (Dynamic)

Parents Ann & Jerome (Dynamic)

Sister Nevaeh (Dynamic)


Jamie (Dynamic) College Friend

Theme (Social Issue):

Their one, normal world gets divided into three completely different worlds and there becomes a goal of finding back their family and loved ones.


Hope is graduating from Shantland High School as class of 2020. She has a lot to look forward in life, for she just received her acceptance letter from the college of her dreams to become an accountant. She is living in a world of wonders that every teenage girl would love to live. After she starts college in the fall, she meets a guy named Peter and he soon becomes the love of her life. Unless they are in classes they are inseparable.

Rising Action:

Hope is living the life until one day the world turns pitch black for a short period of time and when it comes back to light she is in a whole new world. She goes back to the dorm for the rest of the day. Hope calls her parents and her sister Nevaeh but no one answers. She doesn't really think anything of in until her roommate Jamie comes home and says there is news on the streets that the world has divided into three separate worlds and some people are not in the same world as they started from. Just then she runs to find Peter. He is no where to be found. They are all in different worlds.


Hope sets out to find her family and Peter.

Falling Action:

She finds out shortly that there isn't access to the other worlds unless you have codes to get across electronic borders, but the codes are only in special places that only certain people have access to. As she worries for day on end how to get to her loved ones, she sees an emergency job opening for an accountant in one of the smaller government agency buildings. Hope figures this is the only chance she has left to find them in the other worlds. She applies, gets the job, and finds out she has access to the accounting systems and access codes to all the worlds. One night she sneaks out with the codes and unlocks the worlds borders.


Hope finds her family in the first world and Peter in the other. She becomes really close with both her family and Peter in fear of losing them again. Peter asks Hope to marry him and they live happily ever after.

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