Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Dog Days

By Jeff Kinney


Greg: Greg is a middle child who has two brothers. One whos name is Rodrick (Older brother) and Manny ( Younger brother)

Manny: This is Gregs younger brother and her gets everything that he wanted and he never really ever got in trouble.

Ridrick: Rodrick is the oldest of the three. He does want ever he really wants.He causes trouble and more then half of the time he gets caught.

Rowley: Rowley is Greg's best friend. He usually does everthing with him.In the story he even went to the beach.

Mr. Jefferson: Mr Jefferson does'nt really like Greg. Mr.Jefferson always that Greg is a troble maker just like his older brother.

Gregs Trip with the Jeffersons

Monday, May 13th 2013 at 9pm

At the beach

It all started whe the Mrs.Jefferson asked Greg to come along to the beach next week.At the time Greg thought that it was a good idea to

Gregs family went to a pool

Tuesday, May 14th 2013 at 9pm

At The Community Pool

While Greg and his family where at the community pool, Greg was suppose to watch over Manny. Manny ended up washing his hands in the toilet, Even though Greg tried his best not to let Manny do that. Of course in the end Manny ended up geting in trouble because Manny never really gets in trouble.

Greg, Rodrick, and Manny's relationship

Tuesday, May 14th 2013 at 9pm

Greg's Home

Well Rodrick as you know is the oldest brother. As the oldest brother he can do want ever he wants just ends u doing what ever he wants. Their relationship does'nt get any better because Greg is the one always geting in trouble for things things that he never did.Which isn't really helping their relationship between each other.