Mustang Minutes

Nurture. Collaborate. Own

Scarborough's Summary

Wow! What great, new learning we had around common assessments this week! I was so inspired by your open-minded thinking and collaborative work with the county support personnel. I am excited to the see results of this continued work!

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Ms. Hallick did a great job representing our STEM efforts at the MHS College and Career Fair Wednesday night. She presented to all cluster administration and Mr. Wilbanks about our efforts.

We also heard from the wonderful Dr. Bill Nye, a lead teacher at MHS. He is the son of our own Phyllis Nye! A true Mustang family!

Custodian Closet

Is your cove base (the black strip between carpet and walls) coming off and looking ugly, just send Pat and email and she will add you to the list!

Continue monitoring the student rest rooms, we are finding a lot of mischievous behavior including breaking the wet sign.

Lost and found is located on the main level under staircase #1 ( located near the elevator), please bring in items off the fence, your help is appreciated.

I mention the staircase numbering in the above point, if you are not familiar with them please do because in the event of an emergency they may be provided as a means of exiting the building. All have a reflective sign over the fire doors or on the post near the stairs.

Please remind your sweeper to clean up under your cafeteria table at the end of your lunch time.

Calendar of Events

9/19 CogAT meeting (for those testing)

9/20 Meadowcreek Cluster Principal Meeting

9/21 CogAT starts

9/27 Mr. Hunter- classroom visits

9/28-9/29 Early Release

10/3- Boy Scouts visit classrooms

10/4- Boy Scout meeting 7 pm

10/5- County principal meeting

10/5- Fall pictures

10/7- No leave day

10/10- Teacher Planning Day

10/11- No leave day

RES Birthdays


9/3 Gardenia Moore

9/11 Gloria Stewart, Grace Kirchhoff

9/12 Elizabeth Brown

9/13 Courtney Joiner

9/17 Tiffany Rackley

9/22 Maria Tovar, Vanessa Jiminez, Diana Ward

9/23 Kathryn Woods

9/24 Lisa Boaz

9/26 Natina Taylor

9/27 Grelauris Calcano

if anyone is missing, please email me!