Rethinking The War Against Mexico


Where do I stand?

I am against the war with Mexico. Mexico did nothing to deserve to be in a war, fighting to keep their land. First the U.S. took Texas away from Mexico in 1836, now they want to take more land from the country. There is no good reason for why Mexico should have their land taken away; the U.S. is just being greedy.

Reasons why I don't support the war aginst Mexico

The U.S. was the aggressor

The U.S. claims that Mexico was the one who started the war. But, this is not at all true. The U.S. invaded Mexico first. General Zachary Taylor wanted so much for the U.S. to take over Mexico's land that he sent troops into Mexico's territory in an effort to provoke them. Mexico trying to protect themselves fell into this trap.

The U.S. will just use the land for slaves

President Polk is a slave owner and therefore supports slavery. That is why he plans to use the land that The U.S. gains from Mexico as slavery land. Why should I support a plan in which slavery will be extended?