Inventions of the 1960s

Most amazing inventions ever!

ATM Machine

In 1969, An ATM Machine was made. It was an automated teller machine. A very convenient way to quickly access your bank account and pull out however much cash you would like to get. You just had to drive up, remove the money and then drive to your destination on where you we're going at the time. It really cuts down on the hours and time spent waiting in line to get cash out, some ATM Machines were even outside of banks, in stores, and easy to access. ATM Machines Withdraw/Deposit cash. ATM Machines are really good for the people that always have to get money out for different reasons everyday.

Artificial Heart

1969- An Artificial Heart was invented. The use of this invention was to help everyone that had either heart problems, lung cancer or anything to do with having problems with a heart. They used this often with a lot of people that were getting surgery done and things involved with a heart, All they did was remove your heart and put in the artificial heart, The artificial heart keeps oxygen and blood pumping in your systems and with a bad heart you would easily die, This invention has save more then a ton of thousands of lives, it has even saved animals lives.


This Invention was made in the 1960s, it was a product that they utilized so they could make a lot of different items, but mainley it was used for the Law Enforcement, Stephanie L. Kwolek came up with this invention so the police and all Law Enforcement when getting shot or anything having to do with bullets the vest which the kevlar product made protects you from it, so you will not die, itll hit you and you will be safe. But more then one bullet at once, I don't know. She also made this invention for many more reasons, but the main one is for the Law.
1960's Inventions

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