Smoke Signals: Staff Edition

February 25-March 1

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Congratulations! The following teams are winners in the great race to complete our Data Walls...

  • 4th grade
  • Kindergarten
  • 2nd grade
  • 1st grade
  • McDowra/Moses Team

All of these teams finished within minutes of each other yesterday! They have all earned a week of jeans - March 4-8 - AND sonic drinks for the team one day that week.

It is time to sign up for a Campus Needs Assessment Committee!

Please take some time to sign up to be on one of our campus needs assessment committees! Our committees will meet in March and/or April to determine the strengths, needs, and problems that affect our school. This information will become our campus improvement plan for next year.

Keep in mind:

  • Professional staff is required to participate in one committee.
  • Paraprofessional staff is welcome to take part, but not required.
  • Please have at least one team member represented in each committee.

To sign up, follow this link:

Instructional Playlist: 3-2-1 Test Review

We are always looking for ways to move our kids from good to great! Here is a strategy that helps students look at a test or DCA in a new way and will help direct your reteach.

Source: Lead4Ward 2018-19 learning from mistakes strategy playlist

Purpose - Learning from mistakes: Create student ownership in learning from graded assessments and help teachers prioritize which items to review.

How does it work?

1. Have students code each test question with a plus +, check ✅, or minus - . This can be done while they are taking the test.

2. Students analyze a graded test to evaluate where they were strong and where they still need work.

  • 3 - Select 3 difficult questions you got correct; justify why you got them correct to a friend.
  • 2 - Select 2 questions you thought you got correct, but you missed. Correct your mistake with a friend.
  • 1 - Select 1 difficult question you missed that you want the teacher to go over in class.

3. Have students vote on the one strategy that was the most difficult to go over in class with the teacher.

4. The teacher sees and hears the students thinking and clarifies/verifies as appropriate.

5. Students summarize what they learned and note how to avoid mistakes in the future.

Next steps:

Like this strategy? Use it in your class this week. Take a picture and send to Burkhalter for a free jeans or treat pass!

This week...

Monday, 2/25

  • Technology audit, Burkhalter & Griffith, 1:30
  • Sign up for Campus Needs Assessment Teams
  • Parent Preview Night, Mrs. Taylor, Library 6:30

Tuesday, 2/26

  • Benchmark Testing - 4th writing, 5th math
  • Telpas monitored online calibration

Wednesday, 2/27

  • Benchmark Testing - 5th reading
  • Police Breakfast Winner
  • Baby shower for Mrs. Hernandez

Thursday, 2/28

  • Benchmark makeup day
  • How do we move our kids to the next level? High yield strategies that work!, Stacee Johnson, conference room during your conference period.
  • Vital info for principals training - Burkhalter out 12:30-4
  • DAT meeting

Friday, 3/1

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Order a yearbook today!

The 2018-19 Shackelford Yearbook is on sale! The book is only $20. Order today so that you have a guaranteed copy! We will not have extras for sale in May.

Order online at using Shackelford's code: 12976619.

For more information contact Ms. Woodrow at or Ms. Yrigoyen at

Don't miss out on the memories! Order your copy today!

Upcoming Events...

March -

2 - Weekend hours

4 - Teacher of the Month

5 - Brave Rally - Bingo

6 - 5th grade Career Day at Lumpkins Stadium

7 - First Grade program

8 - Parent Conference day - student holiday

11-15 - Spring Break

18 - Professional Development day, student holiday

19 - Grading Period 4 begins

22 - Report Cards go home

22 - Potential retention letters go home

25-29 - Benchmark Week - 3 & 4 Reading & Math, 5 Science

28 - 2nd grade program

April -

1 - STAAR Alt 2 window opens

1 - Birthday Celebration

1 - Teacher of the Month

2 - 1st grade COGAT testing window

5- STAAR Rally - 4th & 5th grades

9 - STAAR 4th writing, 5th math

10 - STAAR 5th reading

11 - I love my school day!

13 - Weekend hours

16 - CAT Meeting

17 - Staff meeting

18 - Ambassadors Field Trip

19 - Good Friday, staff/student holiday

22 - Earth Day

25 - 3rd grade field trip to Ft. Worth Museum

29 - 5/24 - EOY Testing window

May -

1 - GLL Meeting

3 - School Lunch Hero day, honor our cafeteria staff

3 - Volunteer Breakfast or Lunch

6 - Teacher of the Month

6 - 10 - Teacher Appreciation Week

8 - PIE Luncheon

10 - Muffins with Mom

10 - STAAR Rally Grades 3/4/5

13-17 - STAAR Testing - 3 & 4 Reading & math, 5th science, 5th M & R retest

15 - Breakfast with a police officer

20 - College & Career Day

20 - Seniors Serve Day (tentative)

20-24 - Spring Book Fair

21 - Grade Placement committee meetings

21 - 5th grade Talent Show 8:00-10:00

21 - 4th Grade AG day, Expo Center

22 - Grade Placement Committee Meetings

23 - K, 1, 2 Awards Programs

24 - 3rd & 4th grade Awards program

24 - Donuts with Dad

25 - Weekend Hours

27 - Memorial Day Holiday, student/staff holiday

28 - End of year Party

29 - Students last day, Elephant Walk (5Th), 5th Awards, Early Release

30 - Staff Work Day

31 - Staff Celebrations & last day for paraprofessionals

June -

1 - weekend hours

3 - Teacher work Day

4 - Teacher Flex Day #2

5 - Teacher Flex Day #3

10 - Start summer work schedule - 7:30-3:30 M-Th

17 - Last day for Bigler & Redd

20 - Last day for Griffith & Taylor

25-26 - 3rd round of STAAR, 5th grade

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Gifted & Talented student referral window is open!

Waxahachie ISD Advanced Academics would like to remind all staff and families that the gifted and talented referral window is open through March 1. We encourage you to refer any student that you believe may have a need for gifted and talented services. Referrals are submitted online at link listed below.

The referral form is available from October 1 through March 1. A student may be referred by any staff member, parent, community member, or even the student themselves! We encourage anyone that questions whether a student may need services to refer them during this window.

Kindergarten, 2nd – 4th grade, and 6th – 12th grade students may be referred. The district automatically screens all 1st and 5th grade students, so they do not need to be referred.

Please go to the following links for more information:

· Informational Slide Show –

· Referral Form –

If you have any questions, please contact an Advanced Academics team member.

Jill Chapman at (WISD Coordinator of Advanced Academics)

Joy Cook at (GT Specialist at Clift, Felty, Marvin)

Sarah Pickard at (GT Specialist at Dunaway, Wedgeworth, Wilemon)

Linda Spencer at (GT Specialist at Northside, Shackelford)

Claudette Ratliff at (GT Specialist at all junior highs)

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email to sign up!

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Follow us digitally at the following links...

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Assistant Principal: Brittany Griffith

Counselor: Monica Taylor