Good news from PYP 2

Welcome back to school!

Wow! Summer vacation is truly over, there will be no more sleeping until noon, laying out by the pool and traveling just for the fun of it!! We have had a great start in PYP 2 with getting to know each other. Now it is time to dig into the meat of school, early mornings, preparing lunches, and completing homework!!

Even though both of the PYP 2 are new to China and Changchun American International School, we intend on doing our best to make this year as "smooth as silk". We are both experienced educators with many years of teaching as professional under our belts!

The first Unit of Inquiry will be "Who We Are" with the central idea: "People celebrate their culture as a way to share their beliefs and bring people together." The lines of inquiry which will guide the instructional component for this six weeks will be: types of celebrations and their characteristics, the connection between culture, beliefs and celebrations as well as similarities and differences between celebrations and cultures. We are so confident that beginning the school year with this unit will be extremely rewarding for both the students and teachers. Since one of the PYP2 teacher's home country is the United States whereas the other teacher's home country is Poland. Again we are expecting to achieve nothing less than success but of course, we are incapable of this victory without your support.

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