internet safety

by Niamh Drake


in this presentation i will show you how to stay safe using the internet i hope this will help people to stay safe and not talk to anyone you don't know there is some video links at the bottom that will really help you to understand about how to stay safe

How To Stay Safe

Its important to stay safe on the internet because you don't know who you could be talking to you if they ask you for your email or your phone number don't tell them they are not who they say they are don't put anything private on your profile saying for example going to the beach on Sunday the person would go and find you they will start to follow you then they would come up to you and start to talk to you if this ever happens you should always report it by clicking on report abuse the police will take them away then they will no longer be bothering you.

what you should do to stay safe

If someone want to be friends with you on any social media you should always make sure you know them because they be could someone different, example you get a friend request and its a girl want to be your friend she say that shes the same age and say they like the same thing as you and they say what school do you go to and then they will be at your school gates waiting for you to come out, and if you say we like to go to the shop after school they will follow you to the shop then you could say you live near the shops and say the number of your house your not safe no more they they know everything about you where you go every minute of every day they could come to your door and say something and you let them in you don't know what they could do to you.

important rule about internet safety

  • Don’t have any personal details on your profile.

  • Report abuse.

  • Make sure you know them before you become friends.

  • Don’t have a profile picture of you because then the will know what you look like.

who you should tell to help you

You should tell

  • Police

  • Teachers

  • School

  • O.A.P

  • Brothers/sisters

  • Adults

  • Someone you know and trust

  • Family
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