News From Room 1

January 15, 2016

Important Dates:

Monday January 18- No School Martin Luther King Day

Thursday February 4- Parent Advisory Meeting at 4:30 P.M.

Thursday February 4- BLOCKFest 4:30-6:30 P.M.

Friday February 5- Grace Professional Development (Subs in Room 1)

Friday February 12- District Professional Development (No School Food Service)

Friday February 12- Room 1 Valentines Day- Celebration of Friends

Monday February 15- Purple Monday Make up day from the Royals Celebration

In Review:

Returning from break was just what we all needed. I know it was hard for us all to put on our work and school clothes and leave the pjs at home but We Did It! Way to go! In Room 1 we introduced a few new toys when we came back. We opened the ramps for the magnet board, magnet people builders, and a cool car track with cars that flip over to travel down. With these new toys we are working really hard on our social skills of taking turns, sharing, and safe spaces. It can be difficult to share the 4 cars that go with the track or take a turn letting your car go, but these kiddos are doing great. They are perfecting the words needed to tell friends "This is mine, give it back," or "My turn please," and "Give me space!" We introduced a few fun items to the sensory table over the past few weeks. We had our turn with the peppermint rice and candy canes, we learned that rice will not go through our orange (small) or green (medium) funnels but will go through the red (large) one. We tested our funnels with water and water went through all of them, even when they were stacked together. Then, we asked the children what they wanted to play with, it is their class after all. They said "BEARS!!!" That got Ms. Jaime and Ms. Caroline thinking and we added some cloud dough (8 cups of flour to 1 cup of vegetable oil,) and some color sorting bears, along with hidden jewels, and bear caves (styrofoam cups with a entrance cut out.) Play-doh and markers are still favorites and we play with those throughout the week.

Coming Up:

Over the next few weeks we will continue working social skills, by sharing, taking, turns, providing space, using gentle touches, and kind words. We are going to begin working with scissors. We will start in small groups at the sensory table cutting string, yarn, and paper. We are bringing out our play-doh scissors for cutting play-doh. Using scissors is an important developmental milestone in fine motor growth. We are also strengthening color recognition using colored items to sort, line up, and stack. Shape recognition is also something we will be working on. At home or on the go point out colors and shapes. The children all have a pretty good grasp on them but practice never hurts. In the sensory table we will be adding Oobleck (Cornstarch and water in equal parts,) play-doh, water, and hopefully some slime.

For our Valentines Day Friends Celebration we will be making pancakes for breakfast, if everyone wants to bring their own drink and fruit or side item to go with their pancakes. We will make a Friendship snack if everyone can bring in a Sandwich sized bag of their favorite dry snack we will make a fin mix to share. We will be sharing Valentines with our friends, please just bring in Valentines with your child's name signed to them, we will pass 1 out to each friend so no need to address them to individuals. During class we will make a bag to collect them.


Breakfast is a hard time for us. These little guys just don't understand when a friend is done eating they can go play. We are finding that when one friend is done miraculously all of us are done (even if we have only taken one bite...) Their little bodies are meant to sit for long periods of time and it causes stress to sit and wait. To help ease this we are trying a new routine. If your child eats at home or on the way to school just let us know and we will not have them eat again. If your child hasn't eaten we will feed them when they arrive. Please remember 8 a.m. is when we start breakfast and 8:30 a.m. is when our next activity begins. Let us know if you have questions or concerns about this routine, why we are doing it, or how it will work. We are hoping this will help ease us into the morning and not cause a storm right away.

Ways To Be Helpful

We are beginning to add to our Conscious Discipline skills in Room 1. Lately we have noticed a lot of helpful acts being done by and for our friends. We would live to highlight ways your children are being helpful outside of school. We are creating a Ways to be Helpful wall in our room to show the children their helpful acts. If you notice your child doing helpful things at home just take a quick photo and e-mail it to us and we will print and add it to the wall.

Kindness Tree

We are noticing so many acts of kindness and even though we make them celebrations we want it to be visual to the the children. On our Friends and Family Board you will now notice our Kindness Counts Tree, this is where we will recognize acts of kindness we notice in our room. Acts of kindness will be symbolized by a red star. When an act of kindness is noticed we will pause what we are doing to celebrate by placing a star on our tree, we will recognize the act and explain that while the act was between these individuals it represents kindness for our whole class. This will make it less about competing to put stars up and more about working together as a team to be kind and helpful. Take a moment to notice the acts as the weeks go by.


Welcome to the world baby Nolan Elliot Harmon. Colby got to meet his new brother, Nolan right before winter break and everyone is healthy and happy.

Congratulations to Korbyn and his family, we can't wait to meet your baby brother!

Congratulations to Fletcher and his family, we can't wait to meet your baby sister!

Way to go, You did it Jocee, you are potty trained and going potty on the big potty!!!