Armed With Charms

Monthly Newsletter - October 2013

Hey loves!

We've almost made it to October! As you know, we are releasing a new Take Out Menu for the fall, which will bring in TONS of new items: bracelets, chains, charms, dangles! So I just wanted to take a minute to rein things in a bit and make sure we are focused on what we need to be doing this month.

  • Order your new TOM's if you haven't already. In the back office, click on Orders, then New Order, and you should find the new catalogs under Business Supplies. These catalogs will be shipped separate ($7.95 for shipping, so make sure you get enough so you don't pay double shipping later on) from other items you order. This is pre-order only, as the TOM's will be shipped to you Oct. 1st.
  • Use the below images to get people excited about the new items.
  • Share the retired list of items! Customers need to get their orders in for these popular items before they go out of stock, or before November 1st. This is a big deal, as there are many high-selling items on the Retired List.
  • Use your website as buffer between Oct 1st and when you get your TOM's. People will be freaking out knowing the items are available (cause you told them all about it on your fan page!) and not knowing how to get their hands on them.
  • Open a party (under your name or October New Items, etc) so you can reap the rewards from people ordering the new items. Easy peasy.
  • Start thinking and looking for ways you want to display your bracelets on your table. These will be HUGE hits, so you want to display them effectively.
  • BOOK PARTIES. Share the pictures below, and tell your friends and family they can be among the FIRST to see and order these new items. It is NOT too far away from Christmas and the busy holiday season. BOOK BOOK BOOK, even if you're planning for November. I have a party planned for the first week in November that has been in the works since August!
  • Hand out those old catalogs like crazy! Leave them everywhere: dressing rooms, waiting rooms, with the cashier at Target, etc. I had a couple left over last season and cut them up and mod-podged them on clipboards. CATALOGS ARE MONEY, so use them up!
  • Sign up for PayQuicker and get your cute owl debit card! You will find the link/file in the Back Office under Resources.
  • Make sure you have your receipts in order. Almost everything you buy for your business is tax deductible. When in doubt, file it! April will roll up soon enough, so take a minute to go over your paperwork, receipts, and taxes, and make sure you have things in order. It helps to do mini-check-in's with this, so you aren't freaking out at the end of the year.

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Add your contact information to the black space on the bottom of the photo below. Use to add text after saving the photo to your computer. Get your fans ready for a great holiday season!!!

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Everyone is on their own path with Origami Owl, and I love it. You are all ROCKIN' it!

Heather Foster: Congrats on having your LAUNCH PARTY! Huge step in achieving your goals. Keep on finding those surprise customers at Michael's!

Tara Huhmann:
You were amazing this month, and last month too! Way to keep those sales going! You have TOTALLY blown me away!

Irena Austin: You have really impressed me with your dedication. I loved those pictures of your setup at the farmers market, and Billy manning the station! Keep it up girl!!! You are SO creative with your loyalty cards and flyers! Love it!

Kylie Idrovo: You've gone through a lot this month! Looking forward to hearing about those happy Okinawan's with lockets :] Hope you are feeling better after your surgery.

Cathy Lebron:
Way to go on setting up your fanpage! We all have so much going on, but I am really impressed that you are sticking with it! Any progress is progress, I think things will pick up this fall for you for sure!

I will be texting updates/important information to you ladies when things come up like sales, etc. so stay tuned for that! Nothing more than a little heads up that something is going on that you might wanna stick your nose in :]


Reassess what you want your goals to be for the end of the year.

Where were you when you started?
What were your goals then? Have you reached them?
Do you need to set them higher or more realistically?

Ideas: Recruits, booking XX number of parties, Hitting 1000 PV, or just simply talking to ONE person a DAY about Origami Owl. :] What is YOUR goal? WRITE IT DOWN.

My contact info

I am here for you! I promise promise promise you are NOT bothering me one bit. My favorite part about Origami Owl is being there for YOU. Call, text, message me all you want!