How to Sell to Big Brands?

Join us to learn how to tackle B2B startup biggest challenge

Meet eBay's Head of Israel Business Unit and hear success stories of ecommerce startups

If your startup is B2B focused then you already know that your startup will rise or fall over this one thing: Will you be able to collaborate with the biggest retailers?

We will hear from Elad Goldenberg, Head of Israel Business Unit, eBay Israel Marketplace, on what the big brands are looking for with startups that wish to work with them.

We will also hear success stories of Israeli startups that managed to work with retailers such as ASOS and the biggest retails in the far east (yes there are markets other than US and UK!). And mostly, we will have fun!

* The event will be hosted in the amazing WeWork space in Herzeliya!

Charming the Big Guys: How To Sell To Retailers?

Wednesday, March 25th, 6:30-9pm

WeWork, 1 Shenkar st. Herzeliya

Keynote speaker:

Elad Goldenberg, Head of Israel Business Unit, eBay Israel Marketplace.

Part Two - Entrepreneurs share stories of how they sold to retailers:

Nadav Raviv - Founder of Inst-ore - will talk about his successful pilot with ASOS.

Moran Nir - Founder of FunkKit - will talk about how to sell to retailers on the Far East. Moran is also the Director of MassChallenge in Israel.

* Do you have a success story of how YOU sold your product to a big retailer? Come share it with the comuunity to help us all learn! Contact Yael or Netta at

** The event is hosted by WeWork and is open to both Fash&Tech and WeWork's communities free of charge however registration is required using the form below.

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