The Automobile

What everyone's been waiting for

Get off that horse, and hop into a brand Cugnot Steam Trolley!

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You may be asking, What does a automobile do?

A automobile does a series of things, transport you and goods to any destination. An automobile can go a total of 53 miles per hour, 13 miles per hour faster than a horse. A automobile is used to get you and whatever you want from point A to point B.

After you get an automobile, you'll be sure to give thanks to Francois Isaac de Rivas for his flawless invention.

Farmers especially, need a automobile so you could transport crops over large amounts of land quicker, And even if your not a farmer, you could use your brand new automobile to go virtually anywhere you would need too, and the automobile would get you there quicker than your horse.

Benifits of a automobile:

  • transport crops quickly (for farmers)
  • traveling across country
  • make life easier and quicker
  • move things around without any hassle

Why is this important to you?

The automobile is important to you because it helps make travel a lot faster, helping to improve trade and economy.The car would make a huge impact on your life, Imagine never waiting to get home on your horseback again!


During my research on the automobile, I learned who the invented the car. I also learned why the automobile was originally invented, I knew the obvious, to get places faster, but I never thought about how the automobile was helpful to farmers. The last thing I learned from my research was how fast the car could go, 53 miles per hour tops, where today cars can get up to 100 miles per hour, almost double that.


The automobile had a huge effect on the people once it was introduced to the people, if they could afford one of course. The automobile was invented to make lives easier, and I think that it did. And as far as today goes, cars are everywhere. Your average family household has 2 cars in it, and it was because of the cars that the roads we know today were invented.


I chose to use the persuasive method of testimonial, through Karl Benz, who was one of the inventors of the automobile. I thought that this method would be best for what I was selling because he, being one of the inventors, could help influence people to buy his invention a lot. If one of the creators was using the product, than some people may think higher of the product.