Crittenden's Corner

Weekly Updates from Room 158

Dates to Remember

*September 19th- SPIRIT DAY: Claxton Colors!

*September 23rd- Open House (more information to come later this week)

* September 25th- Field Trip to Elida Corn Maze (if you would like to chaperone, please let me know!)

*September 26th- NO SCHOOL- Parent Teacher Conference Day

*October 3rd- SPIRIT DAY: Tacky Day

*October 10th- SPIRIT DAY: Claxton Colors!

*October 10th- Class and Individual Picture Day

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you to everyone for being flexible and prompt in scheduling conferences! I look forward to meeting with each one of you to discuss your child's progress so far this year as well as show you some of the awesome things they have been working on! :)

If you have not scheduled a conference time with me, please email me or call me at my school extension to let me know!


The time is fast approaching for Fall Open House! Our Fall Open House will be NEXT Tuesday, September 23rd! Just in time for the first official day of fall! Please join us for our Title 1 Meeting at 4:30, Dinner at 5:00 and in the classroom at 6:30 for a special presentation! I will be explaining MCLASS and Fundations, the children will be showing you our routines and you will get to see some of the cool things we have been learning! See you there!

What are We Studying in First Grade


This week we are working on number facts within 20 with addition! We are focusing on working with number bonds! Three circles, with the sum being the top circle, and the two addends being the bottom circles! This helps kids visualize the two numbers coming together to make the sum. This will help them when we start to talk about subtraction starting next week :)


MCLASS testing is finished! First grade is starting this week to meet with reading groups. Right now we are focusing on retell of the story: being able to tell about the problem in the story, the solution, the setting, the characters and the big events in the story. Nightly reading time with your child is a great opportunity to ask them some of these questions and have them practice finding the answers in the book!


We are finishing Unit 2 this week! We will be taking our Unit 2 test this Friday. You can help your child prepare for the test by doing their Fundations homework with them this week. They will need to know how to tap three sound, consonant vowel consonant words! They will also need to know the following trick words: his, is, and, a, and the. :)


We are working on observation skills. This week we practiced observation skills with observing a cookie! Each child got a chocolate chip cookie which they had to draw as accurately as they could, describe the taste and consistency of the cookie, and pick their cookie out of a pile of other cookies based on its characteristics! The kids had a blast! We are going to be diving into the study of plants and their needs within the next couple of weeks!

Social Studies-

We are studying communities (rural, urban and suburban), maps (how to read them and how to find things on a map) and where we are in the world!

Be looking for updates next week :)