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Culinary Arts

Food safety, sanitation, personal safety, food handling skills, knife skills, nutrition, customer service and cooking techniques highlight this program. Students will learn what the nation’s largest employer expects them to know and the wide range of opportunities available in the foodservice industry. Hands-on experience is an integral part of the program featuring working lab sessions on a large variety of kitchen equipment. Students will learn tasks involved in front of the house operations, back of the house operations and receive their food handler’s card from the local regulatory agency.


1. We run an active restaurant Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11-1 in room 404 .Mondays and Fridays are ala carte (order from limited menu) and Wednesdays feature an all inclusive buffet with different offerings each week. Come on over to the CTC to get some delicious food!

2. This is a two year program aimed at students with a passion for food service. We are a ProStart program developed by the National Restaurant Educational Foundation. Sullivan University lists our high school culinary arts program as one of the best 50 in the country. The instructor has over 30 years in the industry as owner of Port Cape Girardeau and is the 2015 ProStart Educator of Excellence Award winner for the state of Missouri.

3. If you're not sure our industry is for you as a career then this is what you need to know. If you are going for a four year degree you will likely be working in the food service industry. They provide flexible scheduling and great potential income. You must also feed yourself and your family for the rest of your life. You may find yourself working in our profession before you determine what you want to do. The food service industry is the second largest employer in the country only behind the federal government at 13 million and counting. Bon Appetite!

Student SpotLight: Max Philipps

What high school are you from? I am a senior at Jackson High School.

What made you choose this program? I chose this program because I love to cook and wanted to find out what the environment of a commercial kitchen is like. I really like good food and wanted to know how to make it for my myself.

What are your plans after high school? I am going to SEMO to study hospitality management because I want to open a high class Mexican restaurant one day.

What have you learned that has made a difference to you? This class has taught me that for a high scale kitchen to be successful, everyone must work together. Mr. Cain puts us on 3-4 person teams. There is a dish team, line cook team, prep team, and front house team. You'll learn all the different positions and learn to work together with everyone.

What advice do you have for a student considering being a student at the CTC? Come into the program with a good attitude and don't be afraid to compete in competition. If you do, you'll have a lot more fun and it will greatly benefit yourself. I competed in the Pro-Start competition last year and plan on doing it again this year. At the competition, you get one hour to fix a three-course meal. It is very hectic but very fun and rewarding to do.

What is one thing about you that would surprise people? I am addicted to buying shoes and clothes.


The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) field is part of a growing technical-trades industry. This course is designed to provide the student with a fundamental understanding and working knowledge in the fields of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration. Students will study all phases of HVAC-R applications, fundamental circuitry/schematics reading, and troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration systems. Students will be given the opportunity to take the EPA certification testing on site (at an additional fee) as well as testing for field certification in residential, light commercial, and heat pump application.


1. Many businesses in the area such as Flori Heating and Cooling, Lutheran Home and Peters Service Company recommend their employees to receive training in our HVAC-R program.

2. As suggested by our Advisory Board, we had this construction built last year so students can see what it's like to work on a multi-level building when working on heaters and air conditioners. The students really benefit from learning how to run duct work to the upper and lower levels.

3. I have been working in this industry for 30 years. There is a shortage of HVAC technicians in this area.


What high school are you from? I am a senior at Saxony Lutheran.

What made you choose this program? When I took the tour of the CTC my sophomore year, I liked this hands-on this program and I knew there was a good job market for this program.

What are your plans after high school? I plan on taking the second year of HVAC-R as an adult student and then maybe taking a different program at the CTC so I can be very well-rounded and be able to find a job.

What have you learned that has made a difference to you? Mr. Berry has taught us so much. Being able to measure accurately is huge! We have taken apart a furnace and put it back together. We have learned about copper tubing and how to use it from the furnace to the outside unit. We do brazing and soldering where we melt copper tubing using the argon and oxygen tank.

What advice do you have for a student considering being a student at the CTC? Be committed to the program. You will get a great learning experience where you have fun but also work hard. Mr. Berry is really good at balancing the two out for us. Do your book work--you will not be able to be successful in the shop if you don't do your book work.

What are your hobbies? I like playing basketball and watching Otto Porter. I am addicted to video games.

How would others describe you? People think I look intimidating but I really just have warm fuzz on the inside. I am very persistent and committed to doing good and being successful.

College Credit earned in HVAC-R through Mineral Area:

Year One:

Safety for the Heat/AC/Refrigeration Professional

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I

Basic Braising Heat

Basic Electricity

Refrigeration Motors

Refrigeration Controls

Occupational Leadership I

Year Two:

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration II

Residential Cooling/Heating

Commercial Cooling/Heating

Commercial Refrigeration

Troubleshooting for Heating/Cooling Systems

Preparation for Employment

Occupational Leadership II

*only applies to high school students

*must complete both years of the program to receive credit

Practical Nursing

Do you know that nursing is the career path for you? Get a head start with your career while still in high school. Only a few nursing schools across the nation offer an educational opportunity to enter the field of nursing as high school seniors. The practical nursing program at the Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center provides a secondary/post-secondary track where students complete the first session of classes during a 3-hour block at the CTC during their senior year. They return in August after graduating high school and complete the remainder of the classes and graduate from the practical nursing program the following May.

Why start nursing education now instead of after high school?

  • Admission into nursing programs is competitive. Many require completion of pre-requisite college courses with a certain GPA. Some have 2-3 year wait lists to get admitted.
  • Practical nursing education has both classroom and hands-on clinical experience in a student-friendly, small-group environment.
  • Tuition for the senior year is paid by the sending school. Financial aid, including the A+ scholarship, is available for the post-secondary year. Many of our graduates work as LPN’s while they further their education to reach their nursing career goals.


1. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. You cannot slack off and must put forth a lot of effort. You have to have a want and passion for this work.

2. Students will be able to work as LPN's at nursing homes, hospitals, physician offices, urgent care clinics upon completion of the program.

3. In the first year (their senior year of high school) we learn nutrition, anatomy & physiology, and fundamentals of nursing. The pace is very fast. For nutrition, we covered 23 chapters in 6 weeks. Students will finish their year with clinicals at a nursing home, getting hands on experience interacting with patients.


What high school are you from? I am senior at Oak Ridge High School.

What made you choose this program? I have always wanted to help people and want to become an RN. I am using this program as a stepping stone to further my education. I am so glad my counselor at Oak Ridge told me about this program!

What are your plans after high school? I'm going to finish the second year of the program and then do the bridge program at Three Rivers or Mineral Area.

What have you learned that has made a difference to you? We learn so much in class! We have learned about nutrition and diseases, bones and muscles, and what diseases you can get from not eating correctly. Next semester we'll get to do clinical hours and I'm really excited to get to use what we are learning this semester.

What advice do you have for a student considering being a student at the CTC? If you know you want to go into nursing, I would definitely take this class. We do a lot of work, but it is worth it. You will make lifelong friends. We have a snap chat study group that we use to help each other study for tests every night.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy participating in FBLA, FCCLA, and Pep Club at Oak Ridge.

What is one thing about you that would surprise people? People think I'm really quiet and shy, but I talk a lot. Most people don't know that I can rap and talk like Stich:)

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