Industrial revolution: Child Labor

By: Haleigh Brewster

Jobs children did in Factories

Some children worked in the coal mine. Steam was the most used energy source in this time period. Steam was made by heating up coal and that is what these poor children did.

-Many would get black lung from being in the mine all day long.

Another job children did in the Industrial Revolution was being Chimney sweeps.

-Some started working as a chimney sweep as young as three years old. They were good for this job due to their small size.

-Often children worked in factories to do jobs that adults could not do. Since children are small, they were able to fit in tight places.

- They would even have to crawl under machines while they were on! (most of the time, they got under machines to repair them.)

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Hours, Food and working conditions

Children worked extremely long hours.

- People in the factories would twelve to fourteen hours.

Working conditions were awful. There were little or no safety regulations.

- It was very common for workers to lose body parts or even die on the job.

-They were fed very little, and what they were fed was not good. Most of the time they were given little portions of stale bread.

-They worked six days a week.

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Accidents that often happened

-Accidents that occurred the most and were reported the most were children getting their hands and arms stuck in machinery. In this case, muscle and skin would be stripped completely off, leaving nothing but the bone.

-Other times a child may lose a finger or two from getting them caught in a machine.

-Getting aprons caught in machines would cause the person wearing it to get slung into the machine.

-Over half of the people that worked in factories got injured.

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Punishments children faced

-If a child were to look drowsy or fall asleep, the over looker would pick up the child and stick the childs legs in cold water.

-Men would stand outside of the factory ready to beat any child who came in late.

-If a child happened to fall behind on there work, they would be yelled at and/or beat.

-Most of the time, the over looker would beat or fire a child that talked back.

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Efforts to improve/stop Child Labor

-In 1832 early trade unions proposed state minimum age laws.

-In 1836 the first state Child Labor Law was passed.

-In 1842 states began limiting children's work days.

-In 1904 the National Child Labor committee formed

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