British,American, and German camps

Throughout the American Revolution and World War 2

British and American Camps/Prisons

  • Campsites were in New York City, Philadelphia, and Charleston, South Carolina
  • Most prisoners died from neglect in the camps then in the war.
  • Prisoners in camp were harassed and abused
  • Given no food or water for weeks.


Concentration Camps

  • Prisoners in camps were harassed and abused
  • Prisoners were given little food or no food at all.
  • The most deaths were in the camp called Auschwitz


What would happen if you escape the British, American, or Concentration camp and were CAUGHT

British- Families were killed and you would be beaten to death with sticks and "mad dogs"

American- Beaten to death

Concentration- You and your family were immediately sent to the gas chambers and were cremated.

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By: DaphnePeigh42