My Story

Azucena Rodriguez

A little about me

My name is Azucena Neczari Rodriguez Dominguez. I am 14 years old my birthday is very fast approaching and I am scared sometimes of what the future hold for me, and at the same time very excited. All I can think about is my great childhood and the biggest gift I got as a child was my beloved sister. I have great memories most of them are at a lake in Kansas which is where I like to go in the summer to fish with my dad or sometimes just to relax. I think that is enough of my childhood and well you might want to hear more about current me. I like basketball, soccer, and swimming I am currently on the freshman basketball team; and I plan to try out for the soccer team. As for my hobbies include sewing, reading, doing power points, hanging out with my family, studying about our universe. Yea I am pretty weird if that's what you were thinking; I like many things from totally different areas. One of the main things I like to do in my spare time is reading I have read many different books including series; some of these books/series are The Hunger Games, Matched, Legend, Twilight just the first two, one great book is called The True Adventures of Nicolò Zen, The Maze Runner there are so many other books but these are the ones I can remember. I recommend you to read one of these because they really have mystery and adventure!

This class and my goals!

I would like to be more descriptive in my writing and be able to expand my vocabulary. I like to embrace reading just because I do notice that it can really help expand your knowledge. I think that I will really enjoy this class over all because I do love to expand my knowledge not only in this subject but in everything.