Picture the Preamble

To Form a More Perfect Union

This picture shows to form a more perfect union. It shows this because this picture was to try to get people to come together and help in the war. Everyone came together and helped any way they can. To form a more perfect union means to work together to help in times of need. So we can be more cooperative.

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To Establish Justice

This is the court and courts help establish justice. They have people who decide right and wrong. This will help the people that are doing right by stopping the people that are doing wrong. To establish justice means to make sure people get the punishments they deserve to protect the people doing right. To keep people safe from harm.

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To Insure Domestic Tranquility

This picture shows people making peace. So there would be no violence. This will help insure domestic tranquility. To insure domestic tranquility means to keep peace among the people. To stop fights from happening.

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To Provide for the Common Defense

This is the military they protect people. They will protect the US from foreign affairs. This shows some people fight to protect the rest. To provide for the common defense means to protect people from attacks.

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To Promote the General Welfare

This picture shows people helping other people in need so they can live better. This is helping life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are using their resources to help people become free from poverty, hunger and disease. To promote general welfare means to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To keep people safe and healthy

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To Secure the Blessings of Liberty

This is showing that we are trying to preserve liberty. That we will have our rights protected. This is a sign of freedom. To secure the blessings of liberty means to protect peoples rights.

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