Lung disease reasearch project



Asbestosis is a disease in where lung tissue is scarred and it makes it hard for the person to breath and it worsens over time

how many infected?

About 1.3million workers are infected with asbestosis and many more workers face many risks of getting infected

other info

this certain disease affects a persons life in bad ways because it makes the person have breathing problems and cant live a normal life

The cause of the disease is by inhaling asbestos and this disease is not contagious

The effects of tobacco on asbestosis is hazardous it is most likely to give you lung cancer

A famous person who had asbestosis is Merlin Olsen,football player

There is no cure for asbestosis but there is treatment doctors prescribe inhalers and medications for the breathing problems

The disease is most common in places like China,Russia,Europe and about 125 billion people are infected with the disease


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