My True Colors

Riley Nichols 3rd hour Online Experience


I was extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life.

I reacted with great sensitivity to discordance or rejection and sought recognition.

I responded to encouragement rather than competition.


I seek harmonious relationships.

I am a true romantic and believe in drama, warmth, and empathy to all relationships.

I enjoy the symbols of romance such as flowers, candlelight, and music and cherish the small gestures of affection.


I am adept at motivating and interacting with others.

I often work in the arts, communication, education, and helping professions.

I have a strong desire to influence others so they may lead more significant lives.

Leadership Style

Expects others to express views

Works to develop others’ potential

Democratic, unstructured approach

Encourages change VIA human potential

Change time allows for sense of security

Expects people to develop their potential

Symptoms of a Bad Day

Yelling and screaming

Passive resistance

Crying and depression

Fantasy, day-dreaming, and going into a trance


Lying to save face

Attention-getting misbehaving

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What three characteristics about your color fit you best?

Well I am good at working with others. I also love flowers and little things like that in a relationship. And I like to encourage people more than compete with people.

What three characteristics do not fit you?

After a bad day, I do not yell and scream. I am always the leader in group and I do not depend on my other group members to do the work. When I was a kid (well right now) it was never hard for me to fit in. I always fit in and I have alot of friends.

What type of job do you believe fits your personality type?

Well I would like to work in business, and I think it fits my personality.

How might your color affect you at work?

Well after a bad day yelling and screaming could affect my job because working in business is a very stressful job. But I do not react to a bad day like that. I am also very creative so I might get bored of my job and want to start something new. But the positive things are that I am good at working alone or with people. I am also very focused, and I can get things done very quickly.

Blue = Idealist

Steve Jobs had the color of blue also.
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