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4/11/16 Faculty/Staff News - Bonnie Hall, Principal

ACT Aspire Achievement Testing Begins on Monday - Grades 3-8

Testing...testing...here we go!

ACT Aspire testing will begin on Monday morning. Grades PK-2 Teachers, please remind and make sure your students are VERY quiet in the hallways and to be a good neighbor while fellow students are testing. Teachers who are not testing, feel free to utilize the art room and/or school hall. Schedules will be altered...please contact Marie, Sharon, and Ina in regard to your specific schedule. Junior high will adjust their schedules accordingly and Val and Juliet can modify their class switching schedule to accommodate their testing schedule.

Grades 3-8 teachers have received testing notification materials and supervisors' manuals. All materials will be kept locked in my office. Materials should be brought back to my office daily by noon. The subjects tested include reading, math, English, writing, and science. Generally, testing will take place for the first two hours of the school day. No instruction is allowed for each day until the day's test has been administered. It's a four day test. ACT Aspire replaces the Terra Nova achievement test; results will be made available in May.

Achievement tests serve as an audit for the school; we ask that our students try their very best on the tests. The results will guide us in evaluating what and how we teach. As a faculty, we'll "deep dive" into the provided data in our quest to further challenge and benefit our students.

Check out this Press Release About Miss Courtneigh Summerrise!


Janice Summerrise is a very proud mom! (And we are a proud school...as Courtneigh once upon a time went to St. Ann School. "We knew her when."

Congratulations to Courtneigh (and to Janice!)

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Marshall's Memo


The Marshall Memo, published since 2003, is designed to keep principals, teachers, superintendents, and others very well-informed on current research and best practices in the field. Kim Marshall, drawing on his experience as a teacher, principal, central office administrator, consultant, and writer, lightens the load of busy educators by serving as their "designated reader."

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