You Don't Even Know ME

Sharon G. Flake


The rating that I would give this book is a Five, because it is very inspirational and it talks real life and real life situations.

short stories and poems about young black boys

Words or Phrases to indicate the conflict

the conflict in this short story/poems is that young african american boys are faced with so many problems in today's society.''i sit in your class'' ''i play by the rules'' i'm young'' i'm fly'' i'm black''.

Short Summary or Character Description

Tow-Kaye is tall light skin boy who is 18 years old, who decided to get married to Cindella who is 18 as well.Tow-kaye is having second thoughts about marrying her because they are both to they still in high school Tow-Kaye wants to do the right thing because they have a child together.together. Cindella mother disapproves of the marriage because she feels like they are too young and immature to get married but Cindella thinks other wise


I recommend all young African American Men to read this book because it very inspirational not only should boys read it but females should too this short story/poem gives an outlook on life.

flyer By Barbara Hutley